What Is A Hero?

In this day and age of American self-loathing — where it’s in vogue to blame this great land or its founding or this race or that for every issue anyone has on any given day — it makes sense to step back and realize who we really are as a people.  We are loving.  We are caring.  We are, for the most part, very good people who want what’s best for our families, communities, country and ourselves. I saw a video of some idiot burning the flag of the United States of America at a “Black Lives Matter” rally.  This not only doesn’t define who we are (although the news cameras were certainly there) it’s but a minuscule few who feel this way.  The vast majority of us believe All Lives Matter! When do we find out who people really are?  When do we really get a look at who we are at the deepest most raw level?  When we are under distress and in dire need.  A friend of mine sent me this video and it brought me to tears.  THIS is who we are as one very diverse very proud America.  Race nor religion nor background nor ethnicity mattered that day.  We were all Americans and we need to remember that. Watch it.  It’s not very long.  Share it.. and let me know if this wakes up the patriotism in you as it did me. Pags