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What I Learned By Watching The Oscars Tonight

For weeks now, social media and those who pay attention to the world of entertainment have been filled with talk of a “white-out” at the Academy Awards.  There have been hashtags on Twitter like: #OscarsSoWhite #OscarsWhiteOut #HollywoodSoWhite The hashtags and obsession are over the fact that all of the actor nominees were White.  There have been people on both sides of this argument.  Many saying there were good enough acting performances by Black actors that there should have been some nominations.  Who knows — of the nominees I only saw one movie represented — Creed.  Sylvester Stallone didn’t win and I thought his performance was good enough to bring it home.  Do I think it’s a problem that all of the nominees were White?  Nope.  Just as I don’t think it’s a problem that the NBA is predominantly Black.  I go to as many games as I can and watch even more on TV.  I love the NBA.  Some of the players are real heroes of success to me.  I never once wondered about the racial make up.  I simply don’t care. Watching the Academy Awards, I did learn a few things:
  • The broadcast as not about movies at all, it was about race
  • Hollywood Is Racist
  • Those who believe they’ve been put into the wrong body and have surgery to feel better about it no longer have a sex-change operation nor gender-reassignment surgery — they are, in fact, having “gender-confirmation” surgery
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is a multi-millionaire actor who commands 10s of millions of dollars per film yet has a problem with greedy people
  • In 11 months of filming The Revenant, most of which was in Canada, they had a hard time finding snow because of Climate Change
Chris Rock Now, I remember why I purposely missed this show last year. Here’s what’s real – if only White people are getting opportunities in any genre of employment, I have a problem with that and I’ll keep my voice loud to ensure equal opportunity for all.  The facts don’t show that.  The problem wasn’t lack of opportunity, it was that people think there is a requirement that every race or ethnicity be represented in everything we do in this country.  That would not make this a better land.  That would only force us to stop truly seeking to honor greatness for the purposes of political correctness. By the way, had all of the nominees tonight been other-than-White, it would have been perfectly fine with me.  I get that some of you don’t believe that.  Here’s something you really need to know — I don’t care what you believe.  This is exactly how I live my life.  Those who are exceptional should get the job, award, proclamation, raise, promotion et al. But, what do I know? Pags