Pride, Watch Parties, and Celebrations.. Miguel Estrada, Where For Art Thou?

     I was watching the local news and listening to the news reports on the radio last Friday (Aug 7, 2009) and took notice of all the proud Hispanics and Latinos who found whatever microphone or camera they could to praise the appointment of now Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.  They were all pronouncing her name as it would be had we all been speaking Spanish.  They felt so close to this “wise Latina.”       These are the faces and voices we could NOT find when then president George W. Bush nominated an immigrant from Honduras, Miguel Estrada to the Washington DC Circuit Court.  He, most likely, would have been the first Latino to serve as a Supreme Court justice — a full 8 years before Sotomayor.  Why didn’t it happen?  Because the nomination was filibustered by democrats.  I don’t recall the proud Latino lawyers and judges coming to his aid at the time.  Where was the pride then?  What was the issue with Estrada?  He’s a conservative.  Shame on him.      Well, I’m calling you out.  Big time.  I’ve been in Texas now for four years.. and I love it here.  I’m a proud member of the community and am so happy my calling brought my family and me here.  But, all of this pride in Sotomayor is a bunch of crap!!  She’s from the Bronx, New York.  She’s a Northerner and an Easterner — further she’s a NEW YORKER!!  There is ZERO connection for Texans to her.  I mean, there were watch parties to see her get sworn in.  How ridiculous.       Where were the protests over Estrada?  A true immigrant.  Not a New Yorker — not an Easterner — nor a Northerner.  Where were the watch parties to put pressure on the Senators to stop the filibustering of this Latino?       My family and I were treated less than neighborly for a time until we proved we belonged here in Texas — so, to watch people rally around a woman that is NOTHING like them, is truly a sight to see.  I’m calling you out — all of you in the business of law.  Lawyers, judges, professors and the like — you should be embarrassed.  You outed yourselves as the hypocrites you are.  This faux joy over Sotomayor’s confirmation and swearing in has nothing to do with her being a Latina — it has everything to do with her being a liberal and you know it.      Btw, I’m told George Lopez recently in a concert in San Antonio called anyone who voted against Sotomayor a racist.  Hey George, are all the dems racist who stopped the advancement of Estrada?  Stick to comedy, George.. you’re at least a little better at it.   thoughts? j