Let’s Pray For Paris AND Let’s Start Using Our Brains About Who It Is We Are Allowing Into The Western World

  As I was enjoying a great basketball game with my daughter, I was asked what my callers were saying about the attacks in Paris.  I quickly answered that my listeners want ISIS dead and they want the Western, civilized world to say “NO” to refugees flooding Europe from Syria. We say “ISIS” but I think most who hear it over and over don’t know what the acronym means.  It’s the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.”  Why is that important?  Because the “refugees” are coming from Syria — where ISIS is based.  Europe nor the United States nor any of the civilized world have any way to know or vet who’s coming.  In fact, at least one of the Paris attackers was a so-called “refugee” from Syria who’d passed through Greece in March. This back and forth was heard by another at the game who chimed in that we CAN’T say “no refugees from Syria.”  “That’s horrible,” I was told.  “We’re all the product of refugees at one time or another.”  I agreed and spoke of my grandfather who came to the US in 1928 seeking refuge and wanting to take part in the building of the greatest land the world has ever seen and to strive for the American Dream.  But, the world is a different place now. When these “refugees” hit solid ground from the sea, the first thing they do is take their cell phones out of baggies and power them on.  Then they start texting and calling.  Then they’re tweeting and doing whatever else they can from the device.  It’s not like 1928 nor 1944 nor even 1980 which is when, as a 14 year old growing up in South Florida, I watched the Mariel Boatlift.  That was when Cuba’s Fidel Castro freed his prisoners and sent them north to Florida.  We had no idea who they were so, with our safety and security in mind, they were taken directly to the Krome Detention Center.  That was the smart thing to do. Fast forward to today.  We live in a world of political correctness which requires we assume everyone from everywhere is good until they prove they are not.  In 1980, we said, “these people are coming from a communist country that hates us.  We need to be safe rather than sorry.”  Today, we are forced to allow everyone in everywhere until the killing starts.  Then, and only then, we are allowed to start rethinking the policies we have in place. I was then told that this way of thinking is like saying, “no Jews, no Mexicans, no ‘fill-in-the-blank.'”  My answer was simple, “why are Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East not required to take these people?”  I just got a dirty look.  The reason is simple, they know who might be among the good people seeking refuge and they want no part of them.  How do they know?  ISIS told us!  (ISIS Boasting About Refugees)  Again, it’s a different world now.  In this age of technology that supports immediate communication, we have to adjust with that electronic progress.  ISIS has said it will infiltrate the masses of refugees in order to do just what happened on 11/13/2015.  Yet, Europe continued to take in people emanating from the exact place where the terrorist group is based. We learned something very quickly from Francois Hollande late Friday night/early Saturday morning local time in Paris.  Closing the borders is one of the first actions to take in the hopes of making a country safer.  Not one pro-illegal immigration or pro-refugee lefty loon dared say “boo” about that very wise move from the French president.  Sadly, it took dozens killed and injured to make the government make a smart decision like this.  How might this have been avoided had the “close the border” order been given before allowing people in from a land torn apart by terrorism. We as human beings are generally compassionate and caring.  We all do things in our own way to support those less fortunate and in need.  Unfortunately, that compassion sometimes makes us naive.  We have to keep in mind, the enemy of freedom and liberty and the right to worship is cowardly.  This enemy is not donning uniforms and lining up on the battlefield.  The enemy is preying on our desire to help the helpless.  They’re not attacking armies nor those trained in combat.  They are putting innocents in their cross hairs and claiming victory against the defenseless. I was ignored by this person for the rest of the game.  It’s my guess he thinks I’m racist or ethnocentric.  Fact is, I’m pro-good refugee and anti-ISIS refugee.  If we can’t tell which is which, we must err on the side of intelligence, safety and security until that disgusting group is eliminated.  If the civilized world doesn’t, sadly, Paris will be the first of many similar attacks.