Personal Touch and “Gut Feelings” Gone In Employment

     I never saw it coming.  Keep in mind, I’m a technology freak.  I build my own computers, get the latest gadgets, maintain web sites, I twitter, facebook, myspace, and maintain a blog.  I get it.  The new technology rocks!  With a couple of major exceptions.      I think HEB is great.  Wonderfully supportive in the community, good prices, good service, and my family spends hundreds a week there.  When it was time for my daughter to get a job, she figured HEB sounds good.  She got dressed nicely, did her hair perfectly, got her answers to interview questions straight and headed to our local store.  When she got there, she asked to fill out an application.  She was told, “you’ll have to do that on line.”  She called me.  I told her, “no, they must be mistaken.. ask someone else.”  She did and was told the same answer.       I’m not sure I understand how this is a benefit to a great business like HEB.  Yes, I get the economy isn’t great and we’re all looking for ways to save any way we can.  But, to take away the personal touch — the one on one in the application process — can hurt more than the savings helps.      Here’s how:           there’s no checking spelling (you get spellcheck on line) or signs of organization as you would get when someone fills out the old style paper application.          there’s no chance of having an interview right there and then           there’s no noticing the applicants eagerness to work and excel for you and your company           there’s no eye contact or noticing one’s personal hygiene.. to name just a few      So, why would a company do this?  I’m told it’s because on line — you can use certain programs to see if the applicant used the right keywords or phrases.  If they are not, the applicant never gets an interview.  So, if applicants find out what words they’re looking for, they’re a shoo-in.  If the applicant is just honest and straight-forward — he or she may never get to the next step.. leaving some with great potential untapped.      I would hope any business utilizing this practice would reconsider and get back to how many who work there now and helped to build the company were hired ; the old fashioned way.  Have people fill out applications, look ’em in the eye, and decide whether they could help take you to the next plateau.   thoughts?