Obama-rolled. Have you been a victim?

There we were, at a nice university that will cost us a bunch of money, in a captive audience with our daughter and many like her getting ready to embark on life after high school and home.  It was a long day of looking at the dorm, cafeteria, class areas, the auditorium and more — just basically getting a feeling for the campus.   It was a day to make mom and dad feel assured that our little girl was in a safe place.  We felt pretty good, until we were “Obama-rolled.” If you’re a listener of my show, you probably already know what this is.  I talked about this phenomenon this morning whereby someone out of the blue hits you upside the head with how wonderful and incredible and angelic et al our president is.  They’re steamrolling us with Obama.  I’ve shortened that to “Obama-rolled.”  If you’re in line at the grocery store and you’re hit with it by the cashier or another person waiting in line, you’ve been Obama-rolled.  If you’re at the convenience store or movie theater and the person collecting your money or waiting in line with you is wearing an Obama shirt or hat or telling you how great things are going today, you’ve been Obama-rolled.  Well, Saturday, we were as well. There we were in the auditorium and the assistant Provost, or Provost or provolone cheese or somebody with a haughty title gets to the podium and decides he’ll tell us how our kids can succeed by giving us an example of three great Americans.  Number one: John Sidney McCain.  He finished fifth from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy.  He still volunteered for 20-some odd missions in Vietnam.  He was shot down and held prisoner for than five years even though he could’ve gained release any number of times.  He was abused and tortured daily.  He is an example of someone achieving beyond expectations.  Okay — I guess.  I think the son and grandson of high ranked Naval officers would have low expectations… but, ok. Then he says, “Barack Hussein Obama the Second.”  He goes through how he was the son of a single parent.  His father from Kenya, mother from Kansas they moved to Hawaii to have little Barack, then they married, then divorced the father went on to get his education.  Little Barack moved to Indonesia with his mother where he went to school.  His grandparents helped to raise him and now he’s the president.  Achieving beyond expectations. So,  I was thinking about the money my family and I are spending on this education as I’m being lectured by a guy in a long robe about how wonderful our president’s achievement is as he tells the story of his life I feel leaving a ton out and giving us a misrepresentation of how it happened.. and I was getting frustrated. Then he says “Sonia Sotomayor.”  Oh boy!!  I was thinking .. so, they gave us McCain to appease people like me, when the objective was to really hold these other two on high.  I was, in fact, being Obama-rolled.  He went on about how she was the daughter of immigrants from Puerto Rico.  Umm.. the last time I checked, Puerto Rico was a part of the US.  But, that’s just me.  He went on about how her primary language until age 12 when her father died was Spanish.  Ummm, doubtful!  She’s born and raised in the Bronx, New York.  The language of the Bronx, New York is .. oddly, ENGLISH!  By 12, she’d been in public school for at least seven years.  She’d been in school speaking English for 8-9 hours a day for years in school and probably in the neighborhood as well. Yup, liberals and democrats are great even if we do have to exaggerate the facts a bit.  And, conservatives and republicans are okay — I mean, just look at John McCain. But, what do I know? Have you been Obama-rolled?