Mix It Up.. but, don’t let arrogance hurt your cause

I enjoy having interesting people on.  I get probably 10-15 requests a day.  Most books are on topics or issues that I don’t think my audience will find interesting.  So, I delete and move on.  I interview all sorts of people on all sorts of topics.  Entertainment, politics, sports, pop culture — to name a few.  I take my job seriously as an entertainer.  I always have.  I know you have a choice when you turn on the radio and I hope to give you a wide enough variety that my show will remain your choice. If you listen regularly, you know I enjoy when people call in who disagree with me.  I am someone who only makes an opinion when I feel confident I’ve weighed the available information and have thoroughly examined the opposing view.  I NEVER use the opinions of other hosts to form my own as I would hope they don’t use mine.  This way my show is fresh and truly unique.  With what I said about callers in mind, you also know I enjoy when an interviewee disagrees. I am not required to interview anyone.  Never have been.  Never will be.  I do it because it gives my listeners a great perspective AND because I get to talk to some incredible guests.  If you hear an interview on the show, one of two things has happened:
  1. I sought out the interview with someone from whom I feel the audience will enjoy hearing.
  2. The guest or his or her representatives reached out to me in the hopes of getting them lined up.
Most of the time, it’s the second option.  I had an author on right after the Supreme Court ruling on the states having defined marriage as one man and one woman.  The SCOTUS did NOT decide that gay marriage is legal.  It simply said the 14th Amendment’s provision of equal protection under the law forbids states from making Constitutional amendments that exclude some from being married.  It was a HORRIBLE decision in which the court legislated from the bench.  I had this guest on, Ryan Anderson, who wrote a book on the decision.  His reps contacted me.  I had him on. It was a great interview.  He’s a very smart guy.  We agreed that the court was out of line and that something must be done about it.  Guys like Ryan come on my show so I’ll talk to them about their books.  After they appear on my show, their book sales go up.  I get a quality interview (hopefully) and they get some traction for their books.  It’s a good partnership. I was contacted by Ryan’s people again a few days ago on the Kim Davis situation out of Rowan County, Kentucky.  If you’re not familiar, she’s the county clerk and refuses to sign the marriage licenses of gay couples.  In fact, she stopped signing all marriage licenses claiming religious reasons.  I agree with Kim Davis and Ryan Anderson the SCOTUS ruling.  I believe in traditional marriage as defined by history, religion and (up til now) the government.  What I don’t agree with is that she continues to collect 80k per year while refusing to do her job. The SCOTUS ruling was horrible.  But, sadly, it’s the law of the land — at least for now.  Her job as the county clerk is to follow the law of the land.  I support her putting up the good fight — as soon as she steps down as clerk.  Step down in protest.  Get the biggest sign you can and march with thousands of others.  Shoot — I might even join you.  But, you cannot hold the clerk’s duties hostage while you do that protest.  She is NOT required by law to be the clerk.  Step down.  Show me how serious you are about this fight.  She cannot bring about change by being in jail.  She cannot win while being silenced.  Ryan disagrees with me.  And, I knew that going in. I had him on again and let everyone know up front that we agree on the core issue.. yet, disagree on Davis.  All was well until he decided to make a generalization about me and “conservative talk radio.”  Ryan’s problem is, he didn’t look into me before appearing either time.  He’s also got a problem with not only being firm in his position (which is a good quality) but also hearing someone else and countering their position without lobbing insults.  If you’ve listened to my show for any amount of time at all, you know I don’t like comparisons nor stereotypes.  Ryan made the mistake of going there. Here’s a Portion of the Interview Where He Decides Insults Are Best After the interview, I hit Twitter and Facebook.  This is my post on Facebook: “Had fun mixing it up with Ryan Anderson.. we agree on the SCOTUS ruling.. we agree on the definition of marriage.. but, when people disagree, the last thing you should do is generalize the guy who invited you on the show. Just saying.” Ryan took to Twitter seemingly unable to understand where I was coming from nor showing the ability to understand why we disagree.  It’s degenerated from there, sadly.  I’ve posted the portion of the interview to which I’m referring.  Again, I urged him to email me if he wanted to air this out.  Instead, he decided doing it on Twitter made more sense.  By the way, his response to me on Twitter was this — another comparison/insult:

CNN host thought I was using common sense and logic. Conservative radio host doesn’t. Interesting.

I have an idea, stick with people who won’t challenge you and stay on networks nobody watches.  I wish him well with his book.  I’ve let his reps know to take me off of their wish list of hosts on whose shows they would like Ryan to appear.  First person I’ve done this with in 26 years in broadcasting.  Maybe he’ll show more respect the next time he gets the shot to be on someone’s show and talk with his or her audience. jp