If he were running again, Barack Obama Would Have A Shot — Hillary’s Not Obama

I have been a communicator for a long time.  I’m pretty good at it and make a good living doing it on incredible radio stations.  There are few, however, who can turn a phrase or deliver a line like president Barack Obama.  Like most presidents, he’s got many speech writers so, it’s not as if he’s coming up with the verbatim of what he’s saying.  But, the way he delivers it causes many listening to ignore the lack of facts and his actual record and fall for how he makes them feel.  It’s a great talent and one I respect.  I do not respect what he’s actually done while at the helm.  And, no matter how hypnotic he is when he speaks, he’s not running for reelection.  Hillary Clinton does NOT have this talent nor does she make even her supports feel an emotional tie to her as Obama supporters feel with him. The president has presided over a disgusting economy, rampant unemployment, lower workforce participation than we’ve seen since Carter, has instituted and supported more division between the races than we’ve seen in a generation and has exploded the national debt by 10 trillion dollars not to mention has instituted policies that led to the rise of ISIS and have left the Middle East a melted-down mess.  He’s an unmitigated failure on paper.  But, his ability to emotionally connect with people who feel they can identify with him is second-to-none.  Hillary Clinton was part of this administration as these disgusting policies were put into place and she DOESN’T have his personality, charisma nor ability to connect with millions of Americans. I’ve been saying this since the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  With all of the people I interviewed there, it was brought up many times how high the negatives are for both according to polling.  I truly believe this will be the first election in a generation that will actually be decided on the issues.  Before the advent of TeleVision and the ability to see the candidates, issues really mattered.  In fact, many who were listening to the John Kennedy/Richard Nixon debate on radio felt Nixon was winning easily.  Those watching on TV overwhelmingly felt Kennedy had won.  Why?  Kennedy had way more charisma.  Was better looking.  Had a nicer smile.  That shouldn’t have mattered.  But, it did. What issues truly matter in this election? The next president will have to: Select one to three Supreme Court Justices Work with Congress to stop spending more money than taken in Admit who the enemy is in the War on Terrorism Fix a very broken VA Repair the damage done by Obamacare Bring about better tax policy to entice businesses to grow here in America an put Americans back to work Repair the damage done to race relations over the last eight years Ensure immigration laws are enforced Repair the damage done to our relationships with the rest of the world Reestablish our strength around the world and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  If you say you’re tired of elections being the lesser of two evils, stop it.  Pay attention to what really matters — our future and, of the two, who presents a better one.   But, what do I know?