I Predict All of the Predictors Should Stop Predicting

There was a time we could turn on the news on radio or television and get real information about candidates in an election cycle.  Even though they would have their own personal feelings and biases, the prognosticators would do a good to great job actually explaining what it is we were watching unfold.  Not this time around.  Those who sit in seats of authority on TV and Radio and even on newspaper editorial boards (even though they don’t matter much anymore) have the job of being honest purveyors of truth when it comes to what’s unfolding in the races.  They are not. Since day one, we’ve heard nothing but predictions about how Donald Trump was a flash in the pan, Ted Cruz is so hated he could never win a primary or caucus and that Jeb Bush would be the heir apparent to his father and brother.  Not so much.  Not only has it not worked out that way — it’s almost the polar opposite.  Jeb is long gone, Cruz has won four states, Trump is well on his way to the nomination and we still have these dorks on the networks trying to explain to us how it still goes the way they predicted.  Enough. I editorialize, speculate, entertain and give information for a living.  But, I know the role of a journalist.  The show works because I base my opinions on hard fact and then opine from there.  Many in the media are just not doing that right now and it’s leaving them with massive egg on their faces.  So, what are the rest of us to do? That’s simple.  Do you own research.  Seek to watch or listen to voices that have been more right than wrong in this cycle.  Really notice the biases of those you’re paying attention to.  Then you’ll be well-equipped to make a great choice in your source for information. Keep in mind, the conventions aren’t until July and the general election is in November.  There’s a ton of time left for a million things to happen.  I love how engaged the electorate is.  I’d love it even more if the media got on board and was more engaged in truly giving the information followed by some opinion.. but, in this day and age, many seem to have blurred that line so much that what they say and feel is far from what is true.   But, what do I know? jp