Hillary Clinton Should Be Running For President of the Cell Block

2015_03_10_Hillary_Clinton_by_Voice_of_America_(cropped_to_collar)   What if this email scandal were about Colin Powell or John Ashcroft or Condoleeza Rice.  How would it be covered?  How much more would we know?  They media would be rabid in its attempt to publicly skewer those people.  The coverage and the responses from Hillary Clinton would be hilarious if the implications weren’t so serious for our country. Just to catch you up, when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to use the official .gov email account.  This is the account we pay for and that is the account of record so those who work for us — like her — would be accountable to us.  Not only didn’t she use the account provided to her, she used an email server that she had control over.  It was a private server in a private place completely out of reach of the government and us. When this information came to light, the former First Lady said she just didn’t want to carry two devices around.  It was more convenient to have just the one device.  A short time later, at a technology conference, she was asked “iPhone or Android.”  She responded, “iPhone… and Blackberry.”  Huh?  I thought she couldn’t bear carrying two devices around.  Add to that the fact that all devices have the capacity to install many email accounts and her explanation makes no sense.  Her explanation just made us more suspicious. The former Secretary of State and US Senator was then subpoenaed to hand over her emails from the private server.  Forgetting the fact that she claimed in an interview there was no subpoena, she had her staff print out in hard copy, 55,000 pages and turn them over.  Why is this significant?  Because hard copy pages cannot be searched technologically.  Had she just handed the emails over electronically, it would be easy to search for classified correspondence.  One could easily put “Benghazi” in a search string and find all emails containing the word. This would make the process of investigating if America’s secrets were being chatted about on a private server out of view of the government and the people.  This was purposeful. Forgetting the laughable comments by Clinton that she didn’t think it was necessary to hand over emails about her daughter’s wedding or her mother’s funeral, this entire thing stinks to high Heaven of a cover-up of massive proportions.  If you didn’t agree before this week, you certainly should now no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.  What happened this week?  Clinton turned over the server.  What was on it?  Nothing.  Nada.  Niente.  It had been professionally wiped clean.  Why do that? The fact that she’s still in the race for the Democrat nomination is crazy to me.  But, I’m torn as to what should happen.  I’m sick and tired of the expanded government, higher taxes, ignoring the Constitution liberals who are ruining this country.  The abortion-is-great, illegal-immigration-is-wonderful, let’s-put-more-people-on-entitlements, the-second-amendment-doesn’t-matter,  your-religious-beliefs-don’t-matter, and control-the-masses crowd is killing this country.  So, I want someone who opposes those things to be the next president and I think Hillary Clinton has no shot to win.  I’d like for her to be the nominee from the other side opening the door to one of 17 (way too many) far more qualified from the right to win. The Washington Times is reporting that as many as 60 classified emails have now been identified in the email dump and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Mind you, I don’t think Joe Biden or Al Gore or Bernie Sanders have a shot either, but I would love to see Clinton get the nomination and the eventual rebuke she deserves. jp