Donald Trump has been unable to say anything wrong — until now

557493_10151443611110725_645976657_n         (Photo: Facebook) Donald Trump is the front-runner for the republican nomination for President of the United States.  I have taken some heat from my conservative listeners and followers.  I truly think he’s been a breath of fresh air in this process and has energized the voices of those of us who oppose the direction in which our country is going.  As far as his success so far, the big media is in disbelief.  The democrats are scared to death.  The old guard of the republican party aren’t showing him any love.  But, everyday Americans are hearing his words and they are resonating with them.  He has sparred with many of the other candidates.  Called them names.  He has little to no filter.  Again, that’s a huge part of why so many are supporting him. He said John McCain wasn’t a war hero — then said he was.  His numbers went up.  He said Rick Perry put on glasses to look smart.  His numbers went up.  He said Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her “wherever.”  His numbers went up.  But, in his attacks on Jeb Bush he’s doing something I believe will show a chink in his filter-less verbal armor.  He’s going after former president George W. Bush. CLICK HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK STATUS The last candidate who did that was the current president.  Trump is selling himself as a candidate who is the anti-Obama.  He calls this administration “stupid.”  Yet, he’s employing the same tactic Obama used.  Some might think it’s brilliant.  Heck, Obama won big time — twice by aligning the republicans running to the former White House holder.  But, center-right, moderate-right, right-right and far-right voters have a great affinity for “W.” McCain was just flat beaten in 2008.  He was a horrible candidate who made some huge mistakes on the trail.  But, Romney’s loss was more about conservatives staying home and sitting on their hands on election day.  We the electorate have shown Trump, Carson and Fiorina we are very ready for an outsider to come in and clean up Washington and get this country back on track after what will be eight years of a president whose horrendous decisions and policies have us in a very bad place domestically and beyond.  The one thing that will force us to disengage is any of them — as Trump seems to be lately — as the anti-Bush.  We want the antithesis of Obama to energize us. Those of us who felt G.W. Bush was head-and-shoulders above the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania are not amused nor are we in agreement with this tactic.  I’d suggest you keep the focus on what we really care about and what affects us.  You’ve done a nice job up ’til now on the economy, illegal immigration, Iran, Russia, China et al.  If you think this is just one viewpoint from one guy, I would suggest you read the comments on your own Facebook thread.