candidates_primarydebate_640   There’s no doubt this was the most anticipated debate in decades. Not because there would be 10 men who want to be our next president, but because of the inclusion of the flamboyant, multi-billion-dollar businessman, Donald Trump. Who would help the cause? Who would hurt it? I’ll break that down in a minute. But, first — it bears noting that even Fox News was unfair with Trump. Maybe the idea was to neuter him off the top to keep him in line. Maybe it was to expose him as the non-politician he is. But, the opening foray asking if there were anyone on stage who would NOT pledge to back the eventual nominee and would NOT pledge to run third party was a juvenile tactic with a known outcome that swayed the audience from the get-go. They knew the answer and they knew how it would be received. That question was not about issues, leadership, fixing what Obama has broken — it was pure political theater in front of the largest debate audience in history… an audience only so large because of the inclusion of Trump. The Big Winners? Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. The Big Losers? Chris Christie and Jeb Bush. Here’s my break down ranked in order of polling position going into the debate: Donald Trump – I don’t think he helped nor hurt his cause. He’s not a politician and came across as a non-politician. People like that about him. The answer to the leading question about what he’s said about women could have been smoother. But, as much as I like Megyn Kelly, it was an unfair question with a lot missing. Trump only went after Rosie O’Donnell after Rosie first called him names. Jeb Bush – I think the former Florida governor hurt his cause by not giving a valid answer to his support for Common Core. I also think he hurt himself by again saying going into Iraq was a mistake. No candidate should ever answer such a stupid hypothetical question. We didn’t know then what we know now. Stop asking it. I thought he came off as shaky. Scott Walker – Here’s a guy we’re still getting to know nationally and frankly he didn’t stand out. He was smooth and firm in his answers but there was nothing that I felt separated him from the pack. Mike Huckabee – The former Arkansas governor turned talk show host reminded the country how firm he is in his beliefs, how you can be firm like that while coming off as very genuine and nice and had a great turn of phrase in his closing statement seeming to allude to Donald Trump then telling us he was actually talking about Hillary Clinton. He acquitted himself very well. I think he might have rediscovered what had helped him so much in his unexpected successes in 2008. Ben Carson – A big winner of the night. The former neurosurgeon stumbled out of the box by showing his lack of charisma on early questions. But, once he found his comfort level and, more importantly, once we realized his very intellectual sense of humor, his ratings went through the roof for me. His answer on race was superior and he was strong on a question about waterboarding. His closing statement was amazing as he talked about his accomplishments as a doctor while still humorously dropping an attack the establishment in Washington, D.C. Ted Cruz – The Jr Senator from Texas was another big winner of the night. Living in Texas, I am well-aware of what he promised he’d do as a senator and that he’s followed through on those promises. The nation didn’t know that. I think many got to know him last night and liked what they heard. He’s probably the most staunch conservative in the field and was unwavering. His answers were concise and direct and on point. Marco Rubio – The senator from Florida did well. He came off as smooth and well-rehearsed but, I didn’t get the feeling he stood out. He had a snappy line about how Hillary Clinton can’t lecture him about living paycheck to paycheck which I think will resonate well with voters. I think he didn’t help nor hurt his cause. Rand Paul – The senator from Kentucky takes a lot of heat for being and angry guy. For some reason, he listens to the criticism and makes excuses for it. He shouldn’t. This is who he is. He has strong beliefs and will fight for them. I think he had a real opportunity to make great gains last night but he allowed Chris Christie to get under his skin and probably nullified any chance of moving up. He left the stage in the same position entered it for me. Chris Christie – The aforementioned New Jersey governor is being widely praised for his performance last night. I wholeheartedly disagree. Chris Christie let the nation see him as a big government, Northeast moderate with his stance on surveillance. He’s so wrong on it and so firm in his wrongness that I was actually a little embarrassed by it. Yes, the Fourth Amendment matters. No, I don’t feel safer because the government is collecting my phone and email data. No, you’re not right and you do not come off as conservative. John Kasich – Many thought former governor Rick Perry should have been on that stage instead of Kasich. He resonated very well with the audience because he had a hometown crowd. His answer on why he expanded Medicaid didn’t make sense to me. He did come off as a nice guy steeply rooted in his beliefs. He edged up maybe a little for me. That’s what I saw. The big winners from the early debate were Carly Fiorina and Rick Perry. I’d like to see them on the big stage next time. Pags

Trump Cruz   (photos – Michael Vadon) The more they do it.. the more we, the American voters, get to see what we’ve wanted for a long time. Straight talk. We are so sick and tired of politics as usual we’re nauseous. You don’t have to back Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz. You don’t even have to like their politics. But, if you have a brain and if you’re tired of the alleged two party system lying to our faces, you have to love their actions. Cruz hits the Senate microphone to out the majority leader — from his own party — for being a liar. He unapologetically put the old guard on notice that this is not going to be standard operating practice any longer. No sir, you tell the America people to give you the House and they do and you do nothing. You tell them to give you the Senate and they do and you do nothing. Instead of getting the idea and backing him up and promising to do better. Or, at the very least, the Senate “leadership,” McConnell, McCain, Hatch et al attack Cruz and announce that what he did wasn’t how things work there. It wasn’t proper protocol nor the proper procedure. You see, when Cruz said the Senate and its actions since the Republicans took over has been no different than when Harry Reid was in charge — he called them out on their deceit. And, they couldn’t sit idly by for that. Thank goodness, Cruz just doesn’t care what they think. He cares about what he promised us and had done remarkably well so far in holding up those promises. It might sound like as strange comparison but Donald Trump is cut from the same cloth. I don’t know how he’s done with his promises and time will certainly tell, but this guy doesn’t care about “the way it’s always been done.” What he cares about it just talking straight. He tells it like it is and every single time — bar none — he’s been attacked, he’s not only increased his lead in the polls but he has grown his crowds and left the critics to scratch their heads. This is what we need; a political system run by real people who will actually do what they said they’ll do, real people who will actually listen to what it is that matters to us and respond and react to it, real people who will not genuflect or kowtow to an out of control, power-hungry media. I suggest the other candidates get on board, or they are dead in the water and have no chance. Even this early on, the people have shown they react to real answers, strong and direct positions and those who will not back down to the media or old-school politicians. jp

AP487577311403-540x359 .. so, why are we so hard-pressed to make a deal with this nation that will still get them to the end game of having nukes?  I want to understand it but I live in the realm of common sense and logic. Let’s examine this situation.  The Shah of Iran was exiled due to a revolution that resulted in an Islamic takeover of the nation’s government.  The American Embassy was stormed and 52 hostages were taken and held for 444 days from 1979 to 1981.  There is a deep-seated hatred for all things American and all things Israeli.  They’ve been chanting “Death to America” for approaching 40 years now.  They have been our enemy for so long that we actually supported Iraq in it’s war against Iran. You might say, “That was a long time ago.  The world has changed.  Iran is a very different country now.”  Umm, no!  None of that is true.  Yesterday, the Iranian leader publicly supported shouts of hatred and terrorist strikes against Israel (Click Here).  Two and a half weeks ago, “Death to America” was chanted there.. BY MEMBERS OF THE IRANIAN PARLIAMENT! (Click Here) What am I missing? Don’t misunderstand me, had Iran changed it’s tune.  Had there been some remorse shown for raiding our embassy and taking our people, I might have a different take.  Had they said, “Okay, we don’t want you to die anymore, America,” or “okay, we don’t really want the blood of Jews to flow to the sea,” or “come on, we don’t really want to blow Israel off the map,” I’d kind of comprehend the idea of possibly starting talks to STOP the country from attaining nuclear weapons.  But, that’s not what’s happened.  Not even close. This country is without remorse, still wants “Death” to us all and to Israel, supports terrorist organizations around the world, has done NOTHING to deserve a conversation with us nor have the sanctions lifted.  As much as this President and this Secretary of State think this deal will somehow be their legacy and it will be a positive one.  All this will serve as is a legacy of weakness and giving in to a country that hates everything about us.   Pags

I’ve always been a huge fan of drive, desire and ambition.  If you have them, in this country, you can succeed to your heart’s content.  The far left in this land thinks those who are not successful right now are stupid.  They really think those who haven’t found their stride yet — their niche — are idiots.  Take this story for example (click on the picture).xp2hyInC   Here we have uber-left, fmr San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro backing an Obama Administration plan to “desegregate” housing.  If you read the article, you’ll see that, under the new rules, there will be a push to spend more money on schools in poor areas and bring public housing into more affluent areas.  In other words, “I don’t care how hard you worked to improve your situation.. I’m from the government and I’m going to punish your hard work.. again!” Had someone done this for me when I was PO (I couldn’t afford the other O R), I would not be the successful professional I am today.  I would have become fat and happy with what the government provided.  Why would I strive for more?  Why would I try to earn enough to move to a better school district or neighborhood.  This is but another example of this administration pushing socialism on us all. I’m very disappointed by the former mayor – now HUD secretary.  It’s not like I didn’t know he was a lefty.. but, he at the very least seemed to be a guy who understood reasoning and could take the temperature of the people for which he serves.  I guess I was wrong.  We need to turn over this administration already.  We need someone in the White House who believes in free enterprise, capitalism and hard work to achieve one’s American Dream.   Pags

Listen, if you’re stopping by social media and lighting up Donald Trump for what he said about those coming across the border illegally, at least do yourself and the rest of us a favor and actually know what he said and in what context.  He was decrying the fact that the United States of America is being beaten by China and Japan and the Middle East.  He spoke of building a wall and making Mexico pay for it.  He said nothing about all Mexicans nor Latinos nor people of color.  Although many believe you have to walk on eggs in this day and age when confronting a very serious issue our country is facing, Trump is not one of them.  Here are the actual words that came out of his mouth.  Don’t listen to me or America Ferrera or Univision nor NBC… judge him by his actual words, IN CONTEXT: “Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time. (APPLAUSE) AUDIENCE MEMBER: We want Trump. We want Trump. TRUMP: When did we beat Japan at anything? They send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? It doesn’t exist, folks. They beat us all the time. When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically. The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. (APPLAUSE) Thank you. It’s true, and these are the best and the finest. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. It’s coming from more than Mexico. It’s coming from all over South and Latin America, and it’s coming probably — probably — from the Middle East. But we don’t know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don’t know what’s happening. And it’s got to stop and it’s got to stop fast.(APPLAUSE) TRUMP: Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East. They’ve become rich. I’m in competition with them. They just built a hotel in Syria. Can you believe this? They built a hotel. When I have to build a hotel, I pay interest. They don’t have to pay interest, because they took the oil that, when we left Iraq, I said we should’ve taken. So now ISIS has the oil, and what they don’t have, Iran has. And in 19 — and I will tell you this, and I said it very strongly, years ago, I said — and I love the military, and I want to have the strongest military that we’ve ever had, and we need it more now than ever. But I said, “Don’t hit Iraq,” because you’re going to totally destabilize the Middle East. Iran is going to take over the Middle East, Iran and somebody else will get the oil, and it turned out that Iran is now taking over Iraq. Think of it. Iran is taking over Iraq, and they’re taking it over big league.” (source: Wall Street Journal) Now, if you see hatred for anyone or bigotry here, you’re not paying attention. Stop letting people lie to you.  Stop taking the America Ferreras of the world’s word for it and do a little leg work.  You don’t have to like Trump.. but, have a problem with someone based on fact.  Don’t allow others to use you as a tool to advance their own agendas.   Pags