Badge This was sent to me by a deputy sheriff and really impacted me when I read it.  I’m leaving names out of it but, wanted to share it with you:   Joe Pags, I don’t know why but I feel compelled to share this story with you.  I work for the  ________County Sheriff’s Office.  First I want to say thank you to all the people out there especially the citizens of this County for who care and support the men and women of law enforcement.  It means a lot to me when folks stop and say “Thank you officer for all that you do”. Joe our country is dealing with troubling times but rest assured I can tell you that “God’s NOT Dead” and today he showed me a miracle and the reason “Why I am a Law Enforcement Officer”.    About 4 or 5 years ago while working dog watch, my partner and I arrested two juveniles for Burglary of a vehicle. Fast forward to today.  Now assigned to our traffic unit as a motor officer I was working a special assignment this morning.  When the assignment was over and we were free to leave my motorcycle shut down!  My battery for some unknown reason was dead.  After some time my co-workers and I were able to get the motorcycle started and I was back on the road. As I was riding down the highway, a vehicle ahead of me sped up to 80mph in a 65mph zone so I turned on the emergency Red/Blue lights and made the traffic stop.  I approached the driver, introduced myself and the reason for the stop (speeding).  The driver handed me her license and asked if I worked a specific area.  As I stood there surprised how she knew what area I worked her face began to swell and the tears started flowing from her eyes, and then she stated that I had arrested her about 4 or 5 years ago.  She thanked me and hugged me and said because of that night she had turned her life around, was going to college and had formed a strong bond with her mom that she never had before. I remember talking to her that night about her troubles and telling her how God is the answer and that he could help her.  This is why I am a Law Enforcement officer.  To make a difference in people’s lives.   Sincerely, Deputy __________ _____ County Sheriff’s Office

    Pags Transparent Logo I’m humbled by the response from listeners and am able to announce some more cities bringing the Joe Pags Show on the air.  I hope your city is included.  If not, we may be working on it.  To let me know where you used to listen, shoot me an email! KLVT/Levelland TX—10/19 start WNJE/Trenton NJ —10/19 start KZYM/Joplin MO —10/26 start KWLA-FM/Anacosta LA—10/26 start WALT AM & FM/Meridian MS—10/26 start WMIQ/Iron Mtn MI—11/16 start KBYR-FM/Anchorage AK —11/16 start   I can’t wait!  Thank you so much for your support! jp

Cecil_the_lion_at_Hwange_National_Park_(4516560206) (1)     As many of you know, I was a TV news anchor/Managing Editor/News Director for a long time.  I won several awards for excellence in journalism and was honored by the US House of Representatives and the State of Michigan for my reporting after the attacks of 9/11.  Yes, most of you know me as a radio editorialist, commentator, pontificator, monologist and entertainer but , I am well-versed at being a journalist.  What we’re seeing from the Big Media is NOT journalism.  It is, in fact, activism. Before you have a fit and tell me how you weep for the death of a lion in Zimbabwe, I have a few questions for you:
  1. Had you ever heard of this lion before a couple of weeks ago?
  2. Can you find Zimbabwe on a map?
  3. Do you know how the people of Zimbabwe feel about this story?
  4. Do you know people there are more worried about food, electricity, and jobs then they are about this lion?
Now, let me ask you this — I know you can tell me the lion’s name.. but, can you:
  1. Name the military men killed in Chattanooga?
  2. Name the police officer killed in Memphis?
  3. Tell me the connection between the Garland, TX terrorist attack and the Obama administration’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running program?
  4. Tell me how many Planned Parenthood-dealing-in-baby-parts videos have been released?
  5. Tell me the details of the Iran nuclear deal this administration has made?
Just a little sobering, isn’t it?  Stop being told what to think and try being a critical thinker on your own for once.  The death of this lion is a non-story compared to the others I just named.  You know, the others you don’t know much about.  As Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration continue to stand by Planned Parenthood, the networks would love you to continue to focus on an animal many eat to sustain themselves. Pags

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I am so happy to have partnered with Compass Media Networks for the next step in growing my radio show.  The reaction from stations and listeners has been humbling and, we’re working hard to get Cari, Polo, Karina and me back on the air in your market. Here’s the full release on this partnership.  Compass Media Networks to Syndicate Joe Pags Show   Again, thank you so much for your support and for reaching out to stations and me to let us know how you feel.  Means the world to me.   Pags