If you haven’t seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movies, 2016: Obama’s America, and America: Imagine The World Without Her?, I strongly suggest you do so.  In his latest effort, the author and movie producer exposes the real Hillary Clinton in a way you haven’t seen before.  He talked with me about it on my show tonight.  You can hear the entire interview HERE

I need to apologize right up front.  I’ve been living in a fantasy world.  I have been convinced for as long as I can remember that if you did something wrong, there would be a penalty.  The penalty would usually be bad enough that it would dissuade a person from doing it.  If he or she were dense enough to do it anyway, after receiving the punishment, the idea is they would not want to do it again. This sort of system is not perfect but, on the surface, seems to make sense.  Can we improve the way it’s done to make it more effective?  Absolutely.  Are there flaws?  Yes.  I would love to see the rate of recidivism much lower.  I would love to see programs through which prisoners who will eventually be getting out could get real-life job skills.   In fact, there is an infinite number of solutions astonishingly better than what the Washington, D.C. City Council has just done. Washington, D.C. has a major crime problem.  I actually applaud any city’s leaders for attempting to be creative in finding ways to thwart crime.  Of course, I would immediately suggest the city lift the overwhelmingly restrictive anti-Second Amendment laws there.  This way good guys could better defend themselves against the bad guys who are are all heavily armed.  The solution the D.C. City Council came up with might be the worst possible idea ever devised.  But, when it’s other people’s money you’re using, common sense and logic rarely play a role. Keep in mind, what you’re about to read is true.  You can read the full article HERE.  To stop criminals from re-offending and/or to dissuade people from deciding to commit crimes to begin with, the council has approved a payment plan to the already or potential bad guys.  How much?  About $9,000.00 a year.  Again, the people of D.C. pay their taxes and the council will now take a chunk of that money and give bad guys approaching $200.00/wk to stay out of trouble.  The rest of us who have not chosen a life of crime get to pay the bill but don’t get “free” money for flying the straight and narrow.  To add insult to (financial) injury, the council has also ensured those paying the bill and the media will not be able to find out who’s getting the money. This ridiculous, bizarro-world program was the brainchild of Councilman Kenyan McDuffie.  It’s called — wait for it — “Pay For Peace.”  Instead of putting their collective feet down and saying, “Enough is enough!” and forcing the bad guys after they pay their penalties to clean up the city parks or paint over graffiti or mentor children on how to not end up down the same path as them, this council is going to bribe the bad guys with taxpayers’ funds.  The level of stupidity at play here is truly breath-taking. So, criminals there will continue to commit crimes in the hopes of not getting caught.  One of those crimes would be stealing from those who earn their way.  Now, when they do get caught, the city will punish them by legally giving them what they were in trouble for taking in the first place — other people’s money. Stunning.   jp

By the middle of September, 2012, our great land was already suffering from the horrific policies of President Barack Obama.  Four Americans including our ambassador to Libya were killed in a terrorist attack on our consulate there.  The Arab Spring was underway with the Middle East in a meltdown.  The job-killing, fraudulently sold to us Obamacare was shoved down our throats.  The workforce participation rate was reaching the lowest levels in 30+ years.  The IRS was accused of unfairly turning down conservative organizations for non-profit status.  Then AG Eric Holder was pretending to not know anything about a DOJ operation to smuggle guns into Mexico called Fast and Furious.  Two incredibly liberal judges were added to the Supreme Court and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It was so bad, the president actually started to sound like he was resigned to the fact that he could actually lose.  In fact, the president lost the first debate so badly the big media actually seemed to be in mourning.  Then Mitt Romney dropped the ball — big time.  Like John McCain before him, he had the nomination.  He was deemed to be the guy who could put our country back on the right path.  He was going to be the guy to put a stop to the out of control spending, tax increases and power-grabbing we all faced.  He failed — badly.  So now, four years later, Romney resurfaced publicly to repudiate the GOP front-runner, Donald Trump.  Yes, the same Donald Trump from whom he gleefully and thankfully accepted money and an endorsement in 2012.  Instead of utilizing 17 minutes of free network airtime to launch an attack on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, he spent that time using what good-will he still carries with conservatives and republicans to tell the tale of how horrific a Trump nomination would be. I don’t know what’s more startling, the gall and self-confidence he has in assuming we would listen to him then act on what he says after he squandered a great chance to get this country back on track when he was nominated or the idea that he was harder on a guy once touted as a very important supporter than he was on either President Obama in 2012 or the candidates on the other side of the aisle this time around.  Is trump the most conservative candidate available?  Not even close.  Would he be better than anything the democrats have to offer?  Immeasurably.  As the conventions get closer, establishment republicans are getting tighter and are joining forces but against the wrong person and for the wrong reasons. Many supporters have tried to compare Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan on many levels.  They are nothing alike at this stage of their running for the country’s top office.  So, I mostly reject that.  But, I do think there is a serious comparison to be made.  Ronald Reagan spoke of a republican party that had a big tent.  He got union labor votes, he had so-called Reagan democrats and electrified the electorate to a huge level of engagement.  We’re seeing people in this election cycle coming out of the woodwork and no longer sitting on their hands as they flood the primaries and caucuses to take part this time around.  I truly believe this would not be happening if it weren’t for Trump’s candidacy. As you know if you listen to my show, I’m a Cruz guy.  I will, however, vote for the most conservative person available in November.  If that’s Trump, so be it. But, what do I know? jp

There was a time we could turn on the news on radio or television and get real information about candidates in an election cycle.  Even though they would have their own personal feelings and biases, the prognosticators would do a good to great job actually explaining what it is we were watching unfold.  Not this time around.  Those who sit in seats of authority on TV and Radio and even on newspaper editorial boards (even though they don’t matter much anymore) have the job of being honest purveyors of truth when it comes to what’s unfolding in the races.  They are not. Since day one, we’ve heard nothing but predictions about how Donald Trump was a flash in the pan, Ted Cruz is so hated he could never win a primary or caucus and that Jeb Bush would be the heir apparent to his father and brother.  Not so much.  Not only has it not worked out that way — it’s almost the polar opposite.  Jeb is long gone, Cruz has won four states, Trump is well on his way to the nomination and we still have these dorks on the networks trying to explain to us how it still goes the way they predicted.  Enough. I editorialize, speculate, entertain and give information for a living.  But, I know the role of a journalist.  The show works because I base my opinions on hard fact and then opine from there.  Many in the media are just not doing that right now and it’s leaving them with massive egg on their faces.  So, what are the rest of us to do? That’s simple.  Do you own research.  Seek to watch or listen to voices that have been more right than wrong in this cycle.  Really notice the biases of those you’re paying attention to.  Then you’ll be well-equipped to make a great choice in your source for information. Keep in mind, the conventions aren’t until July and the general election is in November.  There’s a ton of time left for a million things to happen.  I love how engaged the electorate is.  I’d love it even more if the media got on board and was more engaged in truly giving the information followed by some opinion.. but, in this day and age, many seem to have blurred that line so much that what they say and feel is far from what is true.   But, what do I know? jp

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For weeks now, social media and those who pay attention to the world of entertainment have been filled with talk of a “white-out” at the Academy Awards.  There have been hashtags on Twitter like: #OscarsSoWhite #OscarsWhiteOut #HollywoodSoWhite The hashtags and obsession are over the fact that all of the actor nominees were White.  There have been people on both sides of this argument.  Many saying there were good enough acting performances by Black actors that there should have been some nominations.  Who knows — of the nominees I only saw one movie represented — Creed.  Sylvester Stallone didn’t win and I thought his performance was good enough to bring it home.  Do I think it’s a problem that all of the nominees were White?  Nope.  Just as I don’t think it’s a problem that the NBA is predominantly Black.  I go to as many games as I can and watch even more on TV.  I love the NBA.  Some of the players are real heroes of success to me.  I never once wondered about the racial make up.  I simply don’t care. Watching the Academy Awards, I did learn a few things:
  • The broadcast as not about movies at all, it was about race
  • Hollywood Is Racist
  • Those who believe they’ve been put into the wrong body and have surgery to feel better about it no longer have a sex-change operation nor gender-reassignment surgery — they are, in fact, having “gender-confirmation” surgery
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is a multi-millionaire actor who commands 10s of millions of dollars per film yet has a problem with greedy people
  • In 11 months of filming The Revenant, most of which was in Canada, they had a hard time finding snow because of Climate Change
Chris Rock Now, I remember why I purposely missed this show last year. Here’s what’s real – if only White people are getting opportunities in any genre of employment, I have a problem with that and I’ll keep my voice loud to ensure equal opportunity for all.  The facts don’t show that.  The problem wasn’t lack of opportunity, it was that people think there is a requirement that every race or ethnicity be represented in everything we do in this country.  That would not make this a better land.  That would only force us to stop truly seeking to honor greatness for the purposes of political correctness. By the way, had all of the nominees tonight been other-than-White, it would have been perfectly fine with me.  I get that some of you don’t believe that.  Here’s something you really need to know — I don’t care what you believe.  This is exactly how I live my life.  Those who are exceptional should get the job, award, proclamation, raise, promotion et al. But, what do I know? Pags  

Another NFL season is over and another champion crowned. It was a great game — one that proves the old adage, “defense wins championships.” For two weeks, the casual and professional commentator alike made this match-up one of the possibly-outgoing “Sheriff” vs “Superman.” As it turned out, it was a war of two amazing defenses. The winner was the number one defense in the league which left the dominant offense from 2015 looking like they were playing their first game together. After the game, all of the cameras ran to Peyton Manning so closely he could hardly lean over to have some words with Panthers’ players or hug his teammates. It may have been his last game. Unlike ESPN and most others, I’m in no rush to see him retire. I’ve enjoyed his play for almost two decades and would be very happy to see him return. But, even in the face of the questions about whether it was his swan song from any and every reporter with a microphone, Manning kept his cool. He gave them his answer about not making an emotional decision and wanted to give all the glory of the big win to his coaches and teammates. More impressive, however, is how available he’s always been to you and me through the media win OR lose. That steady look and complimentary tone towards his coaches and teammates and the league has been overwhelmingly good for pro football. Conversely, the MVP of the league, Cam Newton, has been the opposite. He’s an amazing player, charitable to those in need, has an infectious smile and demeanor when he’s winning. When he’s not, he’s very immature. Before this season, the Carolina Panthers were building a great team and along the way there were tons of speed bumps. You could always be sure of two things: 1. The team would continue to get better behind an infinitely talented leader and 2. That leader would melt down into a petulant child if things didn’t go his way. This year seemed to bring big improvements in that. But, we forget, the Panthers only lost once and were the odds-on favorites to run the table in the playoffs and celebrate as champions. After that didn’t happen, Newton took to the microphone to take questions from the media. This, by the way, is required as part of being a star player in the National Football League. He barely made eye contact with the questioners and, for the most part, gave one word or very short answers. Granted, the questions weren’t great but, that should have no bearing on how he handles himself in that or any moment related to his position on the team or in the league. If Cam Newton stays healthy, he’ll play for at least 10 more seasons and has the potential to break tons of records and redefine what a star NFL quarterback should possess to be successful. To achieve that, however, he needs to grow up and realize the responsibility being in that role brings. I’m a fan of talent and a fan of his. I hope he can grow into who he needs to be if he ever really wants to be regarded the Superman he wants us to believe he is after he scores a touchdown. He needs to be that guy when he gets knocked around as well.