Bend Over and Kiss Your Free Will, Freedoms and Liberties Goodbye

     220-215.  That’s how it went down.  219 democrats and one republican said yes to once again circumventing the Constitution.  You’ll hear the president and the House leadership touting the praises of this “bi-partisan” bill passage for days and weeks to come.  By partisan by one vote.  One republican said yes — while 39 democrats said no.  Pardon me for thinking that’s a bigger story.       Was I surprised by the result?  Yes.  I really can’t believe 39 democrats voted against it.  I’m pleased, but notout of my mind with glee as surely there were backroom deals made to “allow” those reps to vote that way.  Could the vote have been defeated?  Yes.  Of course.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi, leader Steny Hoyerand the like were lost causes.  You can include ultra liberals like rep. Charles Gonzalez of Texas who doesn’t see the Constitution as law but, more of a guideline.  He sees it as a document written by men who basically had no clue what the United States would become.  He basically said in the one town hall he did on health care that he knows better than the founders did.  Beyond those big-government-I-know-better-than-you-what-you-should-want-higher-tax liberals, there were some so-called “blue dog” democrats who pretended they were trying to decide.       Of these were reps. Ciro Rodriguez and Henry Cuellar both of Texas.  If you called their offices in the last week you were told something otthe affect of, “the congressman isn’t sure yet how he’ll vote.”  I’ve become convinced this was a lie.  They want us to believe they were truly on the fence right up to the vote.  Bull!  They think we’re stupid.  These allegedly socially conservative democrats just voted to take away more of the freedoms and liberties we were given by God.       In voting for this piece of garbage legislation, they decided:           Yes on a Public Option that will eventually sqeeze insurance companies out of business and force us to ask the government if we can have our health care needs taken care of.           Yes to giving illegals health care.  I know the argument will be that those here illegally will NOT get coverage.. but, there’s not a strong enough verification provision in the bill.           Medicare will be cut by over 500 billion dollars.  That’s 500 BILLION DOLLARS!!           Prescription drug costs go up.  No way around that — costs go up           The cost of the plan is (according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office) 1.2 TRILLION dollars.            The one thing Americans wanted to make sure wasn’t in there WAS taken out.  At the end of the day, abortions will not be covered by taxpayers in this plan.  The congressmen I speak with on a consistent basis say that will be back in there in the Senate version so it’s not a victory at all.  Of course, we continue to subsidize abortions through funding to Planned Parenthood.  Oh, and those in San Antonio, rep. Charles Gonzalez voted AGAINST the amendment to not force us all to pay for abortions in this health care bill.  He just doesn’t get it.      They also just decided that no matter what you want as a free-liberated American, you WILL have health insurance… and if you don’t?  You’ll be punished.  How do we pay for all of this tyrannical control?  Through raising taxes on those evil-doers who’ve actually earned what that have.  You know, those disgusting people who already pay well over half of the country’s tax burden?  That, and huge debilitating cuts to Medicare.  Yup, the same care offered to the older Americans — like “Grandma and Grandpa” this administration contends it will NOT pull the plug on.  Keep in mind, this is an admission that a current government run health care plan does NOT work– therefore we need another one.  Nice.      One note on the “public option” which IS included in this bill passed late Saturday night.  The left tries to corner the right by saying conservatives don’t want everyone to have health care.  That couldn’t be further from the truth and they know it.  The argument is against a government out of control squeezing more private businesses until they fail.  Once the public option is available, it will serve as an incentive for companies to stop offering private plans pushing employees to opt for the government plan.  Once enough do that, we’ll all be going to a bureaucrat to approve or deny our health needs.  Could that work?  Ask someone who lives in Canada or England — then report back to me.       So, what now?  Now, we contact all of the US senators we can and tell them to stay strong in defense of the Constitution.  We remind them they work for us, not vice versa.  Then 12 months from now, we vote out all of those who think the Constitution is out of style.  We vote out anyone who would tell us we have to pay for the decisions others have made on social issues.  Or, of course, if you agree we have too many liberties and freedoms and you’re just sick and tired of being able to make decisions for yourself, you can call your rep or senator and thank them for holding your hand through life.   Frankly, it’s completely up to us to decide the future of this still great nation.   But, what do I know?   j