I have been a communicator for a long time.  I’m pretty good at it and make a good living doing it on incredible radio stations.  There are few, however, who can turn a phrase or deliver a line like president Barack Obama.  Like most presidents, he’s got many speech writers so, it’s not as if he’s coming up with the verbatim of what he’s saying.  But, the way he delivers it causes many listening to ignore the lack of facts and his actual record and fall for how he makes them feel.  It’s a great talent and one I respect.  I do not respect what he’s actually done while at the helm.  And, no matter how hypnotic he is when he speaks, he’s not running for reelection.  Hillary Clinton does NOT have this talent nor does she make even her supports feel an emotional tie to her as Obama supporters feel with him. The president has presided over a disgusting economy, rampant unemployment, lower workforce participation than we’ve seen since Carter, has instituted and supported more division between the races than we’ve seen in a generation and has exploded the national debt by 10 trillion dollars not to mention has instituted policies that led to the rise of ISIS and have left the Middle East a melted-down mess.  He’s an unmitigated failure on paper.  But, his ability to emotionally connect with people who feel they can identify with him is second-to-none.  Hillary Clinton was part of this administration as these disgusting policies were put into place and she DOESN’T have his personality, charisma nor ability to connect with millions of Americans. I’ve been saying this since the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  With all of the people I interviewed there, it was brought up many times how high the negatives are for both according to polling.  I truly believe this will be the first election in a generation that will actually be decided on the issues.  Before the advent of TeleVision and the ability to see the candidates, issues really mattered.  In fact, many who were listening to the John Kennedy/Richard Nixon debate on radio felt Nixon was winning easily.  Those watching on TV overwhelmingly felt Kennedy had won.  Why?  Kennedy had way more charisma.  Was better looking.  Had a nicer smile.  That shouldn’t have mattered.  But, it did. What issues truly matter in this election? The next president will have to: Select one to three Supreme Court Justices Work with Congress to stop spending more money than taken in Admit who the enemy is in the War on Terrorism Fix a very broken VA Repair the damage done by Obamacare Bring about better tax policy to entice businesses to grow here in America an put Americans back to work Repair the damage done to race relations over the last eight years Ensure immigration laws are enforced Repair the damage done to our relationships with the rest of the world Reestablish our strength around the world and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  If you say you’re tired of elections being the lesser of two evils, stop it.  Pay attention to what really matters — our future and, of the two, who presents a better one.   But, what do I know?      

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The idea of freedom and liberty made our country the beacon of light it is in the eyes of most of the world.  It began as just that — a vision — a thought — an idea.  It wasn’t even close to perfect with the defeat of the British in the Revolutionary War.  The Constitution was a great start but our society took a long time to become fully inclusive.  It was as recently as 52 years ago with the adoption of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that many felt more included in the American Way than they had been before.  It was a government move that should not have been necessary had true freedom, liberty and equal opportunity been the way of life here.  Sadly, Southern Democrats lived and perpetuated a way of life that was discriminatory.  They regularly disallowed those not like them racially, ethnically, religiously, sexually et al to participate in commerce and public accommodation and it was wrong.  That was, for the most part, righted by the Act. That act wasn’t meant to change our thoughts, opinions or deny us our freedom of conscience.  The fight for equal access and opportunity was real and necessary and, in large parts, won through righteous, civil, peaceful disobedience and protest.  I fully believe all people in our country should enjoy equal access to those offering public accommodation.  You offer a service or product to the public, you should not be able to pick and choose who can pay you for the service or purchase your product.  I also truly believe any business offering restrooms or locker rooms to the public should make them available to anyone in the public who is partaking in that business, service or facility.  Certain natural, freedom and common sense-based rules do apply, however. Science tells us what makes human beings male or female.  It’s not open to interpretation.  If you think you or your child is the gender opposite to what science says, you’re celebrated.  If you rely on the science to denote gender, you’re shouted down as a hater and a something-a-phobe.  The media, pop culture and the mainstream in this country will do all it can to excommunicate you from the ranks of those who should be considered an American.  In reality, the claim of some to want freedom to choose which bathroom they use eliminates the freedom of the rest of us to rely on what science tells us AND our freedom to insure our children are not at risk by those CLAIMING to feel they’re something they’re not.  It’s common and even expected for singers to cancel concerts, performers to cancel performances, sports commissioners to proclaim they’ll do all they can to change laws in order to deny the rest of us the ability to be free to express what science tells us. If you’re in a car from which a drive-by shooting was perpetrated then you run from police while pointing a gun at them — or, if after committing a strong-armed robbery, you decide to fight with a police officer in his marked police vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll be shot.  If you disagree with the police response and claim it’s racism, you’re celebrated.  If you use common sense and focus on the facts in the cases, you’re shouted down and labeled a racist and hater.  In fact, if you don’t agree with the chants of an anti-White, anti-Police racist organization’s chants of how lives of one race matter, you are attacked from all angles of the mainstream.  These racists are actually lifted on high by many in music, sports and politics.  Recently, they were actually invited to the White House to meet with the President of the United States. It’s bizarro world.  Those of us who believe the vast majority of police are good and that criminals are putting themselves in harm’s way with the decisions they make do NOT have the freedom to say so without the sledge hammer of the elites in our society clobbering us with claims of racism or ethnocentrism.  We do NOT have the equal opportunity to retort. I believe we are the top of the food chain.  I believe animals are on Earth for our sustenance, companionship, entertainment and transportation.  I have four dogs and love them all.  I also love a medium-rare juicy steak.  Animals should be treated in a humane fashion as we enjoy them.  I was watching Hawaii Five-O last night and was inundated by the message that circuses are bad and elephants should be freed.  In the story, a woman broke into the circus, stole an elephant and smuggled it out of the country with the help of many — INCLUDING public servants.  It was presented as if she was right and everyone in society agrees with this message.  They also alleged the animal was mistreated and she was told there were legal means to try to punish the circus but that was ignored as they committed crime after crime to “help” the animal.  For what it’s worth, they didn’t even use are real elephant on the program.  It was clearly CGed in.  But, the message was there.  In real life, recently Sea World gave in to pressure from radical groups like PETA ( a group that wrongly puts animals on an even keel as humans ) and announced it would discontinue its killer whale shows in the future.  These shows are the only way most of us will EVER experience whale.  That doesn’t matter.  We are NOT free to disagree.  If you feel the shows should continue, you’re shouted down and looked at in a worse light than a common criminal. As far as cakes and photography and catering — all people should be able to enjoy these services.  But, when there becomes a struggle between a free person’s religious beliefs, consideration should be made.  One’s sexual preference is not and should not be important when he’s buying some cake or hiring a photographer.  If you want to go around telling people what gender you are attractive to or like to sleep with, that’s up to you.  I’m guessing most shop owners don’t care.  But, when you insist on that shop owner PARTICIPATING in your ceremony, you are now insisting they agree with it.  Yes, cake-makers, caterers and photographers hired to do a wedding are being asked to participate.  They, as free people, should have the freedom to decline as it goes against their beliefs.  This is common sense and it’s true constitutionally.  Because I have this belief, I’ll be called all sorts of names.  People will make assumptions about my heart, soul and level of compassion for my fellow man.  I don’t truly have the freedom to feel this way. I’m completely cool with people disagreeing with me.  I’m also completely satisfied that my feelings on these topics are rooted in fact, common sense and reality.  Totalitarian societies were and are based on disallowing people the simple freedom of speech, worship, thought and conscience.  That’s exactly what we’re looking more and more like every day.  Is that really who we want to be as a culture and as the last great hope for freedom and liberty for all people?   Pags