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Before I get started, let me make clear that I’m not feeling sorry for myself.  My life is blessed in many ways.  As I continue in this crazy life I realize more and more about perception and how it is, indeed, reality.  Look at our political landscape.  There is nary an issue the left supports nor believes in that makes any sense yet millions upon millions swear by the ideology and will attack you mercilessly if you disagree.  It doesn’t matter how you turn the phrase or how much proof you show.  The fact is, they will only believe what they perceive to be right and will do all they can to denigrate you into oblivion. I face the same sort of thing in my life.  I have been blessed with a loud, deep voice and a pretty quick wit.  It’s served me well in what I do and has also been the reason for angst on several occasions.  The initial perception of me is I’m loud, arrogant, cocky, rude and without tact.  Of course, the only truth there is that I’m loud.  But, that doesn’t change the perception of many.  I find that if I’m direct, that’s wrong.  If I’m confident, that’s bad.  If I’m unwilling to compromise my values or beliefs to make someone else feel better, I’m something *ist or *aphobic.  But, my heart is always in the right place and I’m always out for the better good — almost never putting me first.  Sounds untrue but it’s not. I had a conversation with someone close to me recently who had been through something traumatic.  I was there for this person and came to save the day as is my charge in life.  Then waited a couple of days before having a serious conversation about what the next steps should be.  I was soft in tone and direct about how it wasn’t this person’s fault and how others involved should face some serious music for their actions.  The person shut down suggesting I wasn’t coming at him or her the right way.  I should take it down five notches.  I was confused but felt good about the fact that there were two other family members in the room who could clearly hear every word and the levels of tone used.  To my surprise, they agreed with this person.  I felt like I had lost all grasp of reality.  How was that possible?  What did I miss?  Here I was on a rare day off doing my best to better someone else’s life and make sure someone else didn’t get away with doing something wrong.  I was walking on eggs and near a whisper, yet I was somehow the ogre. I do a lot of reflecting as I continue growing in this amazing experience of life.  I think many people always put number 1 first.  What’s best for them at any given moment is what they decide to do.  Not knocking it, just not how I’m put together.  I feel good about how I’ve managed my life that way.  What I always fail to realize, however, is how I’m perceived.  In a perfect world, that wouldn’t matter.  Fact is fact.  Truth is truth.  If your perception isn’t based on those things, you’re the problem.  Frankly, that’s not how it works.  I’m big, loud, direct and convicted.  I have continued learning and praying I gain the knowledge that sometimes I need take a breath and consider who’s ingesting what I’m offering and, perhaps, predetermine the reaction before saying it. By the way, this won’t affect how I do my job.  This is more about my personal life away from the microphone.  I will admit, however, I’m different on the air today than I was decades ago as I continue to grow in that realm as well.  But, in my day-to-day life, it’s clear I must continue to consider the mindset and philosophical location of the person to whom I’m speaking.  I’m big enough to admit this is a huge challenge for me.   jp

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This article originally appeared in the Daily Beast during the Obama administration. It’s written by the executive director of the “National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.” I’m guessing that means it’s a pro-abortion group.
This article appeared on the organization’s website for years and was still there as of June 11th of this year. It has now been scrubbed by the organization and has also disappeared from the Daily Beast site. However, the story still shows up on cache — for now. Amidst the lies by the left as to what this administration is doing on the border and as the fake “fact-checking” sites all pretend then president Obama did nothing of the sort, look at how this group that is firmly a part of his base attacked Obama for what he was doing with children and mothers coming across the border. It’s no wonder they deleted it.  Feel free to ask Ms. Gonzalez-Rojas why she deleted it after all of these years.  [email protected]
Obama Lets Down Immigrant Women
Jessica González-Rojas
The Daily Beast
This article was originally published on The Daily Beast.
To the great disappointment of civil and human rights advocates, President Barack Obama has askedDepartment of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to delay submitting recommendations for reforming deportation policies and practices. The promised recommendations had been a bright spot on the horizon for our communities and this latest delay is quite concerning for immigrant women and families.
With record deportations and families torn apart, we are in the midst of a humanitarian and moral crisis. The Administration’s failure to prioritize this, coupled with Congressional inaction on immigration reform, only illuminates the need for our continued vigilance.
The cry from activists, mothers, DREAMers, and immigrant rights leaders from across the nation has been clear. The aggressive and harmful detention and deportation of 2 million immigrant people has taken a toll on countless families, and the very fabric of our country. And it must come to an end.
Every day, I hear from Latinas across the country who are struggling to get by after their husbands, parents, or partners have been deported. I talk to women who are afraid to go to the doctor because they fear ICE agents waiting for them in the parking lot.
The hardest stories come from the mothers. Between 2010 and 2012, the Obama administration deported more than 200,000 parents of U.S. citizen children, and more since that time. Many of the children of deported parents end up in the child welfare system, and may be separated indefinitely.
To make matters worse, if a mother attempts to return to the United States to unite with her children after being deported, she can face a felony charge with a federal prison sentence of up to 20 years.
These deportations, combined with the climate of fear created by the existence and aggressive implementation of programs like Secure Communities and 287(g), have a devastating impact on immigrant women, whether they are themselves deported or left behind to pick up the pieces of their shattered families.
As a mother myself, it breaks my heart to think of being separated from my son.
It’s time to listen to the stories of immigrant women and families, to fully understand the human face of this issue.
The majority of immigrants today are women, and those women are the backbones of their communities. They are workers, teachers, and caretakers. They are more likely to start business than their native-born counterparts, and are the drivers of integration in their families. They encourage kids to learn English, do well in school, and register to vote. And yet they are being the denied the opportunity to live with dignity and without fear.
Women like Adriana, who is 41, and had lived in the US for 17 years, and raised 2 children, when her husband was deported to Mexico, away from the family and life they had built in this country. Shortly after being deported, Adriana’s husband was kidnapped and, she believes, killed. Adriana is now the sole caretaker and breadwinner for her family, including her two young grandsons.
Every day, Adriana lives in fear that she’ll be deported, and her grandsons will have no one to care for them. She is even afraid walking them to the bus stop in the morning for school.
Adriana’s story is not unique—she is one of many immigrant women whose lives and livelihoods have been turned upside down by immigration policies and practices that fail to recognize their contributions or allow them to lead healthy, successful lives.
We must remember Juana Villegas—who, while being held in immigration detention, was forced to give birth in shackles and denied the right to breastfeed her child, endangering her health and the health of her newborn.
We must remember Victoria Arellano—a Latina trans woman who was detained and subsequently denied HIV medication and treatment, and died as a result.
And we are just beginning to bring to light the ongoing reports of sexual assault perpetrated against women in immigration detention, including the countless unreported cases.
These indignities are more than injustice—they are a denial of our very humanity.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
That’s why we are calling on Congress and the Obama administration to stop focusing on policing and imprisoning our mothers and children, and focus on humane, meaningful reform.
It’s time to end detention bed quotas, mandatory detention policies, and the alarming trend of entangling community police departments in immigration enforcement.
It’s time to implement and expand community-based alternatives to immigration detention that keep families together.
It’s time to protect the safety and civil rights of our border communities by clarifying legal limits on Customs and Border Patrol’s authority, and ending the violent militarization of our borders.
And it’s time to ensure that the human right to health care, including reproductive health care, is a reality for every single person in this nation, regardless of her immigration status, by passing the Health Equity and Access under the Law for Immigrant Women and Families Act, by ensuring standards of care for people who are detained, and by ending the denial of health coverage to undocumented people.
We will not solve our nation’s immigration challenges by throwing prisons and police at the problem. To build a stronger and more successful future for us all, we must recognize the contributions of immigrant families and affirm the human right of every person to live with salud, dignidad, y justicia, health, dignity, and justice.
Jessica González-Rojas is the executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.
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I was invited to the White House to interview the president in November.  Mr Trump did very well with talk radio across the country when he ran for the highest office in the land and decided it was time to get back to those of us who do it for a living and those of you who listen to us.  Only five shows were invited that day out of thousands in our nation.  I was humbled to have been asked. The push for the interview was tax reform.  It was something then candidate Trump promised he’d do should he be elected.  When listening to campaigners, I usually take what they say with a grain of salt.  In fact, I’ve had elected officials on my show actually say things to the effect of, “what you say during a campaign and what you do once you get the job are often very different.”  It was a bold admission that this is the way it works, and you should just understand there are differences.  For some reason, however, when I watched this man campaign, I g0t the feeling he was saying what he’d actually try to get done in the Oval Office.  Since his arrival there, he’s clearly tried to do just that. When he sat down in front of me — barely three feet away — and stared me in the eyes, what I saw was a clear-minded man who was on his game.  After the initial niceties, we got right into it.  Although the reason for the invitation was to talk tax reform and to push for this policy change that would help all Americans who pay taxes, I was given a rare opportunity to ask questions of the leader of the free world.  As with all of my interviews, I do NOT give questions beforehand and there was no pre-interview here at all to even discuss general topic ideas.  This was, sit down — you get 8 minutes (I took 10) and you’re done. After thanking him for the opportunity, I hit him with:
  • Twitter and other social media
  • Obamacare and NOT getting it repealed
  • Tax Reform and whether the individual mandate could be part of it (I was one of the first to report that it could be part .. and now we know it was)
  • Why does he feel the need to hit back when attacked
  • The swamp and how there are members from both sides in it
He barely paused.  He never missed a beat.  He was as clear-minded and quick on his toes as anyone I’ve interviewed before — and I’ve done thousands.  He was gracious, firm, funny, direct and ready for anything I was going to ask him.  I never had the opportunity to interview former president Obama.  But, I’ve watched hundreds of interviews of him.  I found there was a pattern to them all.  The “journalist” questioning him appeared in awe of him.  His answers were clearly rehearsed and planned.  He rare did an interview where he didn’t say “what I’ve said is,” almost like a mental note to not be spontaneous and just stick to the script.  The current president did none of that with me.  It was all off the top of his head and there wasn’t much pausing to think about what the planned line was supposed to be. I bring this up because of the completely non-journalistic line of BS being pushed by the far-left media in this country.  Here’s how it’s presented “There are questions about the president’s fitness for the job,” or “about whether he’s unfit for office.”  There are some alleged mental health professionals who are ignoring their industries own rule (See the Goldwater Rule) and are pretending to diagnose the president without ever having even been in the same room as him.  The networks will attribute the questions to them — which is a farce.  Or they’ll just say “some say” or “many fear” when going into why it’s appropriate to question the president’s mental health.  There’s a very direct reason why they’re doing it.  And, it lends itself to asking a converse question, “are those who call themselves ‘journalists’ mentally capable of having that moniker? I’m not being cute, coy or funny.  I mean it.  Any talk of mental fitness or the 25th Amendment in regard to this president is coming from a gaggle of people who cannot mentally accept and absorb that a person other than the one they told us would win — won.  There is a clear mental disconnect from reality that deems them completely and utterly unfit to sit behind a radio microphone, in front of a TV camera, or behind a writer’s computer.  They should all get mental stress sabbaticals so they can once again gain a grasp of the truth. Of course, this won’t happen.  Instead, they’ll keep lying to potential guests from the administration to get them to appear.  Then they’ll ambush them with the same questions that are designed to appease the lefties watching.  He must be unfit and unstable and those who voted for him must all be nuts as well!  I actually hope they’ll continue to do it. While they’ve made these repugnant claims, this president has:
  • Seated tons of Constitutionally-minded judges
  • Cut taxes immensely
  • Repealed the individual mandate
  • Made it so hundreds of thousands of workers in our country received big bonuses or raises
  • Improved and restored our strength and standing in the world
  • Gotten rid of enormous amounts over overbearing regulations so business can thrive again
So, let them remain mired in their intense hate over their candidate losing.  The rest of us will tell and see the truth.  This president is doing what he promised he’d do.  And so far, it’s good for this United States of America.

The political rancor hasn’t this bad in this country for a very long time.  An argument can be made that it is the worst it’s been since the Civil War.  Although both sides are showing a solid disdain for the other, it’s particularly venomous from the left to the right — from the Democrats to the Republicans.  The unmasked joy shown by so many on the liberal left after a Republican member of Congress was gunned down on a baseball field pushed me over the edge and was the ignition to this monologue on my show The Weekend w/Joe Pags today.  We’ve been lulled to sleep by the radical left into accepting a false narrative that the left and right — the Democrats and Republicans — somehow magically changed their stripes in the dark of night about 50 years ago.  The naked truth is the Democrats are today exactly who they’ve always been.  They are the party of hate, division, divide and conquer, separate but equal and power and control.    
The Truth about Left vs Right in America — Joe Pags The Truth about Left vs Right – Democrat vs Republican – Liberal vs Conservative. Share and like if you get it. Posted by Joe Pags on Saturday, June 17, 2017

I write this with the full knowledge of the irony that I’ll be posting it on my social media sites. Social media — like it or not, it’s here to stay.  The creators of such websites as Facebook and Twitter will have us believe they did it to better the world or to offer voices, known and not-so-known, a vessel through which they could be heard.  Of course, in the movie “The Social Network,” it’s alleged Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to pick up girls.  Today, he denies that and says he did it to make a better world.  Either way, they aren’t mutually exclusive.  I’m guessing one can consider finding hot chicks on campus a way to better one’s own world.  I digress. Billions of us use social media now and, we do it with a false assumption.  We assume that when we post something, those connected to us will see and be able to consume it.  It’s not a bad assumption if the purveyors of these sites were honest with us.  They aren’t.  The lie is simple, come to my site, post to a page we give you, invite your friends, family, co-workers, classmates and they’ll see what you post.  You’ll see what they post.  Good deal, right?  If that really were the formula, the site owner would still make huge profits off of advertising sales.  The more of us and our people who spend time on the site, the more eyeballs on the paid ads.  But, that’s not how it works.  In reality, it’s a bait-and-switch scheme. I’ve often thought that after some people hit huge financial success, their outlooks change.  Zuckerberg and others who started Facebook are billionaires.  So are the folks that started Twitter and Google.  Why not ride the wave and enjoy the benefits?  Because money becomes less of an objective.  And, I believe, a certain level of guilt kicks in.  The idea that they started these sites to offer you and me the ability to freely speak may be partially true.  The idea they started the sites to make money is certainly true.  But, now that the money is a given, those who run and own the sites need a new objective: control the message.  Test out my theory.  Post something anti-Trump and see how many likes/retweets/shares you get.  Then post something pro-Trump and compare.  Use the same hashtags and verbiage.  Just make sure one is pro the other anti.  Now some proof. Am I a conspiracy theorist or is there reality behind this notion?  Here’s what’s real: I have over 360,000 followers on Facebook.  I grew it from nothing to where it is today.  I did it through posting pictures, memes, videos, original content and a small amount of advertising early on.  Some days, I’d add 1000 followers or more.  Facebook wanted more original pictures, videos and status updates.  The more I posted, the more I pushed the page on my radio show, the better for us all.  I gained more influence, my followers got great content they might not get on the radio show, and Facebook got more eyeballs to see their advertisers messages meaning more money for them.  Then suddenly the growth stopped.  Word of “algorithms” came to the surface and how they changed to direct eyes where Facebook wanted them to go.  What the heck is an algorithm? Facebook — and Twitter does this too — decides what you do and don’t see in your timeline.  In essence, you subscribe to my page and you’re saying you want to see what I post.  Facebook has a different plan.  It somehow calculates what it sees as your interests through your clicks then directs more of that content your way whether you like the page or are positive in the content or not.  It’s my believe those running the site have taken it several steps further.  In fact, I’ve been receiving messages like this: Could Facebook really be simply unliking people from my page without them knowing?  I decided to dig a little deeper with the tools Facebook itself offers on the site.  The idea behind offering these tools is if you’re not getting enough likes or your posts aren’t going viral like you would hope, you can buy your way to success.  I was stunned by what I’d found.  From the 1000+ likes per day I was getting to not much movement at all.  In fact, some days, the UNLIKES outnumbered the Likes.  Strange in deed.  I’ve found I’ve gained only a couple of thousand net likes in the last few months and the number of unlikes has grown exponentially. After doing some searches on the Internet, I’ve come to find terms “ghost-banning” and “shadowbanning.”  This is a mechanism by which social media networks can squelch the voices and reach of pages they see fit.  There’s not doubt that Zuckerberg and others at Facebook and the founders and higher-ups at Twitter are very liberal.  That doesn’t bother me provides they actually are offering accommodation to all voices on their sites to which the ask us to visit.  Yes, I can post.  Yes, you can see my content if you go directly to my page.  But, it’s clear that if you Like my page and look for my posts in your timeline or newsfeed, Facebook and Twitter are deciding what you do and don’t see.  This is why when a left-wing loon actor or musician or media personality posts something, it goes viral much more quickly and consistently than a post from the other side.  This is why when you put in #BlackLivesMatter on Twitter, there’s a symbol Twitter adds to the post out of respect but, if you put #BlueLivesMatter no such equivalent symbol appears.  This is why when President Trump does something most Americans would like, it hardly trends.  Conversely, when some leftist media outlet makes an unsubstantiated claim against him, it trends quickly and stays on the top of the list for longer.  How do you fix this? It’s a good question with a complicated answer.  We can’t force Facebook nor Twitter to be fair and stop with the ghost and shadowbanning.  They have control of their websites and they’ll continue to force people from following pages like mine and hiding my content from my followers.  If you like Facebook and Twitter — and I do like the idea of them — then go to the specific pages of those you follow to get their content.  In other words, if you go to facebook.com/joetalkshow or twitter.com/joetalkshow, you’ll see my posts.  If you wait for them in your timeline or newsfeed — you may never see them.  Also, be sure the pages you like and profiles you follow don’t change status.  Facebook and Twitter are unliking and unfollowing with you knowing at times.  Also, there are other options popping up. Yes, we have been overloaded with social media platforms and I get there could be some fatigue by keeping track of them all but, there are new options out there that say they truly offer what we thought the big guys were offering: a forum for people to truly and freely share ideas without the management deciding if they agree with them.  I’ve gained quite a following at www.minds.com/joepags and am slowly building at gab.ai/joepags.  I really like the user interface at Minds and Gab.ai is growing like crazy.  There’s clearly a need and desire for less control and more freedom and these are options certainly worthy of you checking out.   Pags

No, I’m not surprised at them — but, I am at those who are buying it.  Just this week, Dr. Ben Carson was speaking to a gathering of employees at his department, Housing and Urban Development.  He was talking about the job they have of helping all Americans realize the American Dream and opportunity.  He talked of immigrants coming through Ellis Island with a dream for their children and grandchildren. He added who he called the “immigrants who cam in the bottom of slave ships…”  He was excoriated for a full day.  Vile attacks.  Of course, there was no mention of the 2015 comments from then-President Obama when he said, “…those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves…”  It’s almost comical to see the difference in reaction by the same group of people — if it weren’t so disgusting. Fast-forward one day and Rep Jason Chaffetz found himself in the cross hairs.  His sin?  Suggesting people prioritize healthcare over expensive/unnecessary phone upgrades.  Let the attacks begin.  Yes, former President Obama went there too, and nary a word was said.  Here’s proof.

The ever-changing language of the left never ceases to amaze.  Words like protections, victim, safe and more are used in ways that really make little sense to those of us paying attention.  The wager by the far-left in this country who hold disdain for our values is that many of us won’t focus on the details, rather just buy the premise.  Let’s use the language properly, shall we? Sex is scientifically determinable.  Science on this issue is absolute.  Biology is not open to debate.  Chromosomes, DNA and genitals denote sex (gender) of human beings.  Those who do not accept this decided science in their own lives have something happening psychologically telling them they are actually the opposite sex they scientifically are.  I truly feel for them.  I can’t imagine anyone would desire to feel as though they’re in the wrong body.  It’s my hope those facing this ailment known as gender dysphoria will get the appropriate mental attention so they can come to terms with what their body and their biology are clearly indicating. Everyone goes to the bathroom.  I am in favor of people going to the bathroom.  This is not really about the human process of eliminating waste.  If we are to believe the media, political left, music industry, Hollywood and big Sports — this is about the dignity, protection, safety and civil rights of transgender people.  The reality is, this is about those things for the NON-trangender students.  In all cases I can find, those students identifying as the opposite gender they are scientifically, were offered the ability to use the teacher’s bathroom or a separate single-use bathroom or locker room but those options were rejected.  Instead of that logical solution, radical LGBTQ organizations demanded the trans students be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender with which they identified or schools were something-a-phobic or something-ist. Then the most powerful leader on the planet decided to chime in and push schools to allow these students to decide which bathroom and/or locker room they would use.  Many schools and states rejected that call from the Chief Executive.  In response, then-president Obama threatened those states with a loss of federal education funding that’s NOT tied to bathrooms or gender.  He was bullying states to do the bidding of his radical agenda.  He couldn’t do it by law but could threaten financial peril. I do want to agree with the left on a few things.  This IS about protection, safety and dignity — but, for the vast majority of the children in school.  Ponder this, your daughter is in the locker room changing for gym class, cheer leading or to play sports.  She’s at her locker and disrobes.  Another person walks in to the next locker over.  This person undresses as well and is anatomically a male.  In this scenario — one Obama and the far left are insisting we accept — is your daughter protected?  Is her dignity being considered?  Does she feel safe? Through protests, riots, marches, shouting down, executive action, shaming, guilt, insulting and bullying – every day Americans and their Judeo-Christians values have been relegated to the sidelines in favor of political correctness, “tolerance,” and “acceptance.”  Obviously, those who disagree with this radical ideology realize those calling for tolerance and/or acceptance don’t have nor practice either. This father of five girls truly appreciates President Trump for standing up for statistically nearly ALL of the students attending public schools in our great country.   Pags

It was a huge story — until it wasn’t.  The media in a feeding frenzy.  Classified information was leaked in what seemed like an attempt to take down a president.  Instead, it exposed some in the intelligence world and many in the media as petulant children refusing to accept the result of the election.  LTC Jeffrey Addicott – Director for the Center for Terrorism Law at St Mary’s University joined me to offer his insights.