Are You A Criminal Or Thinking About Becoming One? DC Has Some Money For You!

I need to apologize right up front.  I’ve been living in a fantasy world.  I have been convinced for as long as I can remember that if you did something wrong, there would be a penalty.  The penalty would usually be bad enough that it would dissuade a person from doing it.  If he or she were dense enough to do it anyway, after receiving the punishment, the idea is they would not want to do it again. This sort of system is not perfect but, on the surface, seems to make sense.  Can we improve the way it’s done to make it more effective?  Absolutely.  Are there flaws?  Yes.  I would love to see the rate of recidivism much lower.  I would love to see programs through which prisoners who will eventually be getting out could get real-life job skills.   In fact, there is an infinite number of solutions astonishingly better than what the Washington, D.C. City Council has just done. Washington, D.C. has a major crime problem.  I actually applaud any city’s leaders for attempting to be creative in finding ways to thwart crime.  Of course, I would immediately suggest the city lift the overwhelmingly restrictive anti-Second Amendment laws there.  This way good guys could better defend themselves against the bad guys who are are all heavily armed.  The solution the D.C. City Council came up with might be the worst possible idea ever devised.  But, when it’s other people’s money you’re using, common sense and logic rarely play a role. Keep in mind, what you’re about to read is true.  You can read the full article HERE.  To stop criminals from re-offending and/or to dissuade people from deciding to commit crimes to begin with, the council has approved a payment plan to the already or potential bad guys.  How much?  About $9,000.00 a year.  Again, the people of D.C. pay their taxes and the council will now take a chunk of that money and give bad guys approaching $200.00/wk to stay out of trouble.  The rest of us who have not chosen a life of crime get to pay the bill but don’t get “free” money for flying the straight and narrow.  To add insult to (financial) injury, the council has also ensured those paying the bill and the media will not be able to find out who’s getting the money. This ridiculous, bizarro-world program was the brainchild of Councilman Kenyan McDuffie.  It’s called — wait for it — “Pay For Peace.”  Instead of putting their collective feet down and saying, “Enough is enough!” and forcing the bad guys after they pay their penalties to clean up the city parks or paint over graffiti or mentor children on how to not end up down the same path as them, this council is going to bribe the bad guys with taxpayers’ funds.  The level of stupidity at play here is truly breath-taking. So, criminals there will continue to commit crimes in the hopes of not getting caught.  One of those crimes would be stealing from those who earn their way.  Now, when they do get caught, the city will punish them by legally giving them what they were in trouble for taking in the first place — other people’s money. Stunning.   jp