America Now Has A New Host

***Program Note*** I was never the host of “America Now.” From the beginning, my company, has given me the privilege of being heard on many more stations than I otherwise would have. What you have been hearing is “The Joe Pags Show.” It was to be for just a very short time.. and, thankfully, it lasted about a year. Meghan McCain has been announced as the new host of “America Now” and she starts on Monday. I wish her nothing but the very best in this new gig.. and want to thank Premiere, Julie Talbott, Bill May, Peter Trippi, David Bugenske, Miranda Moreno and everyone else involved for their incredible support of me and my show this past year. The Joe Pags Show existed before this opportunity and will continue. If you listen on WOAI, KPRC, KTLK, KHOW and KEX — nothing will change for you. My show will be same time for you after this week. Thank you so much to the great listeners on the America Now stations for taking this ride with us for the last year. Love you guys!! Pags and Cari