I was invited to the White House to interview the president in November.  Mr Trump did very well with talk radio across the country when he ran for the highest office in the land and decided it was time to get back to those of us who do it for a living and those of you who listen to us.  Only five shows were invited that day out of thousands in our nation.  I was humbled to have been asked. The push for the interview was tax reform.  It was something then candidate Trump promised he’d do should he be elected.  When listening to campaigners, I usually take what they say with a grain of salt.  In fact, I’ve had elected officials on my show actually say things to the effect of, “what you say during a campaign and what you do once you get the job are often very different.”  It was a bold admission that this is the way it works, and you should just understand there are differences.  For some reason, however, when I watched this man campaign, I g0t the feeling he was saying what he’d actually try to get done in the Oval Office.  Since his arrival there, he’s clearly tried to do just that. When he sat down in front of me — barely three feet away — and stared me in the eyes, what I saw was a clear-minded man who was on his game.  After the initial niceties, we got right into it.  Although the reason for the invitation was to talk tax reform and to push for this policy change that would help all Americans who pay taxes, I was given a rare opportunity to ask questions of the leader of the free world.  As with all of my interviews, I do NOT give questions beforehand and there was no pre-interview here at all to even discuss general topic ideas.  This was, sit down — you get 8 minutes (I took 10) and you’re done. After thanking him for the opportunity, I hit him with:
  • Twitter and other social media
  • Obamacare and NOT getting it repealed
  • Tax Reform and whether the individual mandate could be part of it (I was one of the first to report that it could be part .. and now we know it was)
  • Why does he feel the need to hit back when attacked
  • The swamp and how there are members from both sides in it
He barely paused.  He never missed a beat.  He was as clear-minded and quick on his toes as anyone I’ve interviewed before — and I’ve done thousands.  He was gracious, firm, funny, direct and ready for anything I was going to ask him.  I never had the opportunity to interview former president Obama.  But, I’ve watched hundreds of interviews of him.  I found there was a pattern to them all.  The “journalist” questioning him appeared in awe of him.  His answers were clearly rehearsed and planned.  He rare did an interview where he didn’t say “what I’ve said is,” almost like a mental note to not be spontaneous and just stick to the script.  The current president did none of that with me.  It was all off the top of his head and there wasn’t much pausing to think about what the planned line was supposed to be. I bring this up because of the completely non-journalistic line of BS being pushed by the far-left media in this country.  Here’s how it’s presented “There are questions about the president’s fitness for the job,” or “about whether he’s unfit for office.”  There are some alleged mental health professionals who are ignoring their industries own rule (See the Goldwater Rule) and are pretending to diagnose the president without ever having even been in the same room as him.  The networks will attribute the questions to them — which is a farce.  Or they’ll just say “some say” or “many fear” when going into why it’s appropriate to question the president’s mental health.  There’s a very direct reason why they’re doing it.  And, it lends itself to asking a converse question, “are those who call themselves ‘journalists’ mentally capable of having that moniker? I’m not being cute, coy or funny.  I mean it.  Any talk of mental fitness or the 25th Amendment in regard to this president is coming from a gaggle of people who cannot mentally accept and absorb that a person other than the one they told us would win — won.  There is a clear mental disconnect from reality that deems them completely and utterly unfit to sit behind a radio microphone, in front of a TV camera, or behind a writer’s computer.  They should all get mental stress sabbaticals so they can once again gain a grasp of the truth. Of course, this won’t happen.  Instead, they’ll keep lying to potential guests from the administration to get them to appear.  Then they’ll ambush them with the same questions that are designed to appease the lefties watching.  He must be unfit and unstable and those who voted for him must all be nuts as well!  I actually hope they’ll continue to do it. While they’ve made these repugnant claims, this president has:
  • Seated tons of Constitutionally-minded judges
  • Cut taxes immensely
  • Repealed the individual mandate
  • Made it so hundreds of thousands of workers in our country received big bonuses or raises
  • Improved and restored our strength and standing in the world
  • Gotten rid of enormous amounts over overbearing regulations so business can thrive again
So, let them remain mired in their intense hate over their candidate losing.  The rest of us will tell and see the truth.  This president is doing what he promised he’d do.  And so far, it’s good for this United States of America.