The Government Shutdown Offers Valuable Lessons About The State Of Our Nation

Yes, everyone has an opinion on just about anything.  Most have made a media-based or emotional choice as to who they blame for the government shut down.  If you want my fact-based take, you can find it here

Many, unfortunately, have missed the forest for the trees on this one.  There’s one inescapable truth which has emerged during the so-called government shutdown and was accentuated by the computer glitch that temporarily disrupted the ability for people to use EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards: the government is way too big and has way too much control over We The People!

Before jumping to conclusions about what I mean based on what you think my feelings are on individual politicians or parties, answer these questions out loud:

Did you know the government could pick and choose which parks would close or stay open?

Did you know the government could close the ocean to you and me?

Did you know the government could choose to keep Camp David and some Golf Courses open while denying WWII Veterans access to their own memorial?

Did you know the government could tell free, liberated Americans they could not stop their cars and take a picture of Mt. Rushmore?

Did you know the government could choose to close a website dedicated to finding lost or kidnapped kids while keeping open the website supporting the First Lady’s Pet Project?

Did you know the Executive Branch could alter a passed and signed law (the ACA) to give waivers to campaign donors and businesses it chooses?

Before the outrage exhibited by so many on social media and elsewhere, did you know so many in this land of plenty were reliant on the government to give them food through the EBT system?  

What’s my point?  Simply that government was created and allowed to exist to represent and serve you and me — not to control us.  We’ve gone from for the people and by the people to have power over and control of the people.  Are you okay with that?  How do we change it?

We, first of all demand that the Constitution is adhered to.  It’s not a guide or suggestion.  It is, in fact, the foundation of this country and outlines the freedoms and liberties we have and which are protected from overwhelming government restriction.  One amendment we should focus on is the 10th.  There is no way on planet Earth we should ever have stood by and allowed the central government the ability to administer to and have control of our parks and memorials.  The states should administer with our taxes and NEVER have the ability to shut them down.  It is stunning how much power this government has grabbed while many were focusing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and other mindless fodder.

And, when it comes to taking care of those in need we have always done a great job from within our communities.  Even though it seems the central government is trying to put them out of business, there are still wonderful food banks and soup kitchens that exist to help those in dire need.  Instead, however, people are more and more (more today than ever in our history) taking handouts from the government.  It seems like a great deal.  You sign up for one freebie and you’re automatically good to go for a number of others.  The problem is, to get those handouts, you must give up your freedom and liberty while at the same time making it more and more compulsory for those of us who are working hard to support our own families to finance this stripping of freedom and increased allowance for central government power and control.  Do you want some evidence?  Go on Facebook or Twitter and put in #ebt and see the outrage when the cards didn’t work.  If you weren’t on the card, you would not have known there was a problem.

The American Dream is not yet dead although, now more than ever, it’s getting close to requiring life-support.  If you think the American Dream is still accessible through government handouts and increased power and control, can you name me one successful American CEO who’s on the dole?

Now is the time for us all to awaken from our slumber and say, “Enough is Enough.”  Instead of blaming this side or that for the shutdown, we must blame ourselves for giving up so much to a group of self-centered elitists (on BOTH sides of the aisle) in a small district on the East Coast.

Keep your voice loud and make sure you vote the controllers out and vote in those who will truly do the bidding of a free people.  Do not demand more from the government, demand less!  Instead of seeing this as a dark time in our history, see this as a real eye-opener which has served to make us overtly aware of our allowance of a few to control so much — and an opportunity to seize that control back.