This is my new blog site. I hope you like the new Layout!

Thanks for stopping by my new blog site. With the web site redesign, I needed to figure out a new way to incorporate the Pags Blog. Hope you like it.


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Love the color blue! Neat and easy to navigate. Love your work!


Wow… who did this one for you?


Nice, Harold!


Nice what?


I wrote it. Nice question.


I was talking about the website design, not the blog entires.

Your Comments I failed to understand how Ron Paul
stand For states rights is less pro-life. He would still appoint conservative
Judges who could overturn roe/wade, while seeking to
Amend the constitution to define life as beginning with
conception. His new supreme court judges could define
life begins at Conception. R other candidates offering to
Do more than this?


It sucks and you suck.


Hi Joe,

I listen to you almost everyday going to work and enjoy it. This is my first time blogging you. It a nice layout blog page & easy to find a particular topic.

But if I have a question, feed, or a breaking news that as a listener fan I want to inform you, how do I quickly (I mean one click) find your contact/email link on the front page? I had to click thru. several links to find your joe@joepags.com and it was not easy to find.

Michael Berry makes it very easy to contact him. Anyway, keep up the good work.


ps. Breaking news – White House about face on Keystone. Not sure what Obama’s intention is
White House: Will expedite permits for pipeline
Posted on February 27, 2012 at 11:38 am by MarketWatch


hahah.. Okay then


Your Comments Hi Joe, I’m listening to you on KTTH, the pacific NW in Washington state. Excellent show today. You are always ‘sharp,’ but today, you are really in the smart zone.

Excellent explaination of oil profits by % and pennies on the dollar plus your clarification of BS statements about oil subsidies vice regular tax deductions as all companies use.

God bless, Joe. It is great listening to you.



Thanks Lyle!

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