The Biggest Mistake This Campaign? Republicans Assumed Voters Were Smart

Let’s face facts.  Democrats gained in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the chief Democrat in charge was re-elected after one of the worst four year periods in American history, economically and constitutionally.  How does that happen?  Republicans/Conservatives (which are not necessarily interchangeable terms — but, we’ll lump them together for the sake of this column) gave voters credit for being smart while Democrats assumed they’re not.  Let’s break down what Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the Obama SuperPACs, et all were saying for a year and a half:

  • Republicans are prosecuting a war on women
  • Romney only cares about his rich friends and Wall Street
  • Romney is responsible for the death of a woman by somehow giving her cancer
  • Romney specialized in closing down businesses, laying people off and outsourcing jobs — especially to China
  • Romney is a liar.  All he does is lie.  And, after he lies, he lies about the lies he told.
  • Republicans are trying to outlaw contraception
  • Republicans are trying to close down Planned Parenthood to stop women from getting cancer screenings
  • Republicans want to put all Latinos on buses and send them back to Mexico
  • Republicans think rape is okay — and women should just stop talking about it
  • Republicans all own stock in oil companies and are forcing gas prices up
  • Republicans want to give rich people a tax break and make the poor and Middle Class to make up the difference
  • Romney hates half the country (47%)
  • Romney will end Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

Only problem with that list is, not one bit of it is true.  Republicans/conservatives assumed everyone hearing this list of Democrat/liberal talking points would know it was completely false.  They gave the American people credit for being smart enough to know better.  Millions are and do — but, unfortunately, more millions aren’t and don’t.  Here’s a list filled with the absolute truth about the last four years:

  • Gas prices doubled
  • Obama said no to the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Obama sent billions to Brazil to drill there
  • Food prices have soared
  • Unemployment is higher than the day he took office
  • Obama apologized around the world for the United States of America
  • His DOJ refused to prosecute voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party
  • Obama promised to cut the debt in half in his first four years — has doubled it
  • Obama will now cut military spending
  • Obama refuses to answer questions on what happened the night four Americans died in Benghazi
  • Obama has used Executive Privilege to continue stonewalling on Fast and Furious
  • Obama has bragged about bypassing Congress repeatedly
  • Obama has sued states for passing immigration laws
  • Obama has sued states for passing Voter ID laws
  • Obama and the Dems forced through Obamacare by lying about abortion and raising taxes
  • Ran on a platform to raise taxes in his second term
  • Obama blew billions on failed energy companies
  • Obama has grown government to its biggest size in history
  • Obama told Russia he can do more after the election
  • Obama Told NASA to include Muslims more
  • Obama Flip-flopped on gay marriage
  • Obama is forcing religions to offer contraception even if it goes against their beliefs
  • Obama is the most vehement supporter of abortion we’ve ever had in the White House


These are all facts.  That’s just a short list of what this wannabe dictator has done in four years and Republicans/conservatives know how outrageous this administration has been and made a bad assumption that the American people were smart and would know how horrible these things are and this administration has been.  Bad assumptions.

Americans love great actors, entertainers, people who smile and come off as sincere.  They also react positively to pandering — as long as it’s well-disguised.  Romney should have, at every opportunity, called Obama out on that list.  He didn’t.  Every time Obama called him a liar, Romney should have hit him back with, “are you out of your mind?  You… ” and list the failures and dictator-like moves of the last four years.

What Ds/Ls have perfected is the art of the con job.  Obama and his minions are confidence men and women.  They con the American public with what most want to hear.  They win the election, then do the exact opposite in the hopes of expanding the scope, power and dominance of government over all of us.  Time for the other side to do the same thing.  Why?  Here’s a caller to my show.  She’s admittedly conservative yet an Obama voter.  I asked her why — she can’t even explain it.  The con worked:

Caller Reggie to my Houston Show

Romney’s first major mistake was choosing Paul Ryan.  I like Paul Ryan and he would have been a great Treasury Secretary.  He’s got an amazing economic and budgetary mind.  Romney assumed because the economy is in the tank, that people would know his pick of Ryan was to address that.  As I said from the moment we knew Romney was the nominee, Marco Rubio was the right guy to go with.  That would have immediately done two things: 1. Locked Florida’s 29 electoral votes in for Romney and 2. Given Hispanics in the US their first opportunity to vote for someone ethnically like them, while voting for the values they believe in.  He’s young, speaks as well as Obama, delivers a speech as well as Obama and is representative of the fastest growing minority group in the country.

The big media was able to hide the speeches by Artur Davis and Mia Love and Ted Cruz from the RNC, they would NOT have been able to hide the VP choice.  At the very least, he should have made Rubio the Keynote speaker.  Chris Christie?  Really?  He not only wasn’t the attack dog we see him to be as he mistreats local NJ reporters, at the end of the day, he turned out to be a great campaigner for Obama.

If we ever hope to get back to traditional American values that made us the shining light of civilization, the Rs/Cs have to take a page out of the D/L playbook, say what people want to hear and show them what they want to see.  Fact is, they’re not paying attention to anything else.


But, what do I know?

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Joe, I read a ton of articles in the past 18 hours. I listened to a ton of commentary. Ben Stein, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Michael Barone, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Yours was the easiest, quickest read: and the best. I don’t know. It just fits. It hits the nail on the head. And after the confusion so many of us have waded through all day, I appreciate that I stayed up and read this before going to bed. Thank you. Goodnight!


Your Comments I agree with you Joe, the only thing I might add is this inane demand to ‘reach out to the Hispanic and Black communities’. I’ve never known what that meant, other than start giving away stuff and allowing anyone to freely come across the border. The ‘takers’ have won, I don’t think we will ever see another Republican/Conservative as president….only Democrats or possibly a Socialist Party nominee.
Sad, it breaks this old man’s(70) heart to see where our country is headed. I love your Weekend show Joe, keep at ‘em son.

Joe, great article, you and I have the same attitude, you can not fix stupid, I did not want to believe it but yesterday convinced me. I heard you are a new Yorker, so am I left to get away from the taxes of new York, ended up in Texas by way of the us military, great show out of SA

I just recently was introduced to your page by a friend and I must say this is the easiest to read and this is how it should be written for all of America to read since the national average of our countries reading level is a 7th grade level! I believe in people working for their money or earning it someway, whether it be investments or stocks and bonds, landscaping, working a desk job or at a fast food franchise I believe in people working to make their money instead of laying on their backs having 5 or 6 kids and being on government welfare, doing drugs and never having to work a day in their life.
NoBama doesn’t need to be reaching out to the Hispanic and African American communities because there are people that really did vote for him “just because he is black”
Everything has gotten worse since Obama has been in office yet libertarians want to blame the bush administration.
My generation is the generation that will suffer due to obamas terroristic reign, due to his Obamacare, due to anything and everything he does. He shouldn’t even be in office. He’s the scum under my shoe and I’m sure many other Americans feel the same day and I won’t change my views on him. He wouldn’t have won in the first place if he wasn’t African American. I am in no way racist but that is how I feel.
He is not a decorated war veteran or a war veteran at all.
He has no experience and NO business in the White House and he’s already proven that to the United States but yet he gets re elected.
Our country needs better education about their government and tv propaganda should not be allowed etc.
sorry, I am blowing off steam..
Still fuming about the outcome of the election.

Excellent post Joe, I found your post on twitter. I am impressed with the clarity of this post. Short. accurate, and absolutely correct. I have herd Dems tell me for 3 months that I didn’t know Romney, then they would follow up describing him with everything you highlighted. Obama Mis-Painted Romney very well.


Morning Joe,
Good article. I dissagree with the last sentence. Your character is above appeasing people.
Just keep giving it to all of us straight and the people will know who they can trust.


Joe, you hit the nail on the head. This is the first election that I actually cried at the outcome. This just goes to show, that half of America is asleep and/or like their entitlements so much that they would rather sit around and collect instead of working.

I am unemployed for the first time in 20 years because of Obamacare. I was told that the layoffs were in preparation for the 230 million the healthcare company I worked for was going to lose in the first year of implementation. I later learned that they were holding meeting to figure out how to spend stimulous funds. How is that righteous?

My son is in the Army and son-in-law in the Air Force. I pray for them daily. My daughter is going to lose her healthcare coverage and will be forced to buy a policy that they can ill afford on a serviceman’s salary. Now the adminstration is talking of cutting more funding for tri-care. I am truly sick of the way this adminstration treats our most precious citizens.

To say that my family is being deeply effected by the Administration is an understatement. I think I have a right to be angry at the outcome. However, I will be channeling that anger into something productive. I am starting my own business and I will be the only employee.

Keep swinging Joe its all we can do right now.

Excellent article. We recently moved here from CT and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to go through an election in a Red state thanks to people like you who do such a great job.

I do find myself wondering though how we right-minded people will ever be able to re-build this country when we now have so bricks made of clay at it’s foundation.

God bless and help us all.

So do we just “hunker down” for the next four years? Do we push in two years to place conservatives in the Ds congress? Yes, we made assumptions on the intelligence of the American voter, but, where do we go now? Looking forward to you addressing this

I think that Mitt Romney could have been more aggresive, but he was also facing moderators who were with Obama; especially the Townhall one where he did bring out the Libyan situation and was put down by her as well; even though she admitted later that Romney was right.

As for Rubio for V.P., I wonder if he feared that some ethics problems, although Rubio got it all straightened out, the Dems and media could make hay with it. Of course the media would also accuse Romney if pandering and convince the voters, especially Latinos of that . It is impossible to overcome this media.

Your Comments
So right, Joe! But there were also millions of registered GOP voters who sat out (about 14 million!~) The neglect is unreal. They could have pushed Romney to a win. Sad.


Of course I agree with you, we are like minded. However, I am with Jinnee Parr, never compromise character, beliefs or principles. If we do, makes us no better than them. Keep the faith, the sun will continue to rise and set. Our God is bigger than this or any situation or anything they may throw at us or do to us.


Your Comments

You hit the nail on the head!! Slander in America is out of control – even public figures should have the right to sue, get court orders, whatever, to stop this – lying is unacceptable in our society and there needs to be punishment of some kind to wake these liars up – after all look what they did to Martha Stewart for lying – public figures deserve more respect -



There is no doubt that well over half of the country are how do I say this politly ummm Idiots. I am not saying that you should not vote Dem if that is your values and you want that type of America. To include some of my extended family when asked why they voted for Obama well Romney was going to start a war with Iran, or Romney was this or that. No idea what the issues were or what each candidate stood for. Just liked one guy and negative media and adverisiment told them not to like Romney. Our country gets dummer by the day


Your Comments
I agree with you Joe. We also overlooked what Obama told us before these same lickspittles elected him in 2008. He spoke about an influential mentor in his life named Saul Alinsky. According to Alinsky, “the first step in community organization is community disorganization”. Obama did that. He won election and re-election by following this Alinsky doctrine “the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy. This is necessary to get people to participate. An organizer has to attack apathy and disturb the prevailing patterns of complacent community life where people have simply come to accept a bad situation”. America now has more people riding IN the wagon than people PULLING the wagon. The same wagon riders that voted for Obama will be used again to restart Alinsky’s doctrine to keep America divided. The only solution is for WE the PEOPLE to stand up and refuse to become complacent. We need to use the Alinsky doctrine in reverse. Thank you for what you are doing to begin America’s comeback.


Your Comments I was saying the same thing yesterday. Republicans need to learn to attract the vote of the stupid. Once They can do something like have Bill Clinton get cheered on by thousands for saying his opponent lies and mistreats women, or get people to ignore something like fast and furious or Benghazi, they will attract enough votes to put them over the edge. By the way, Reggie was reading her statement, I wonder who wrote it for her.


Joe, you said exactly what conservatives are afraid to say. Instead of calling the truth as they see it, they are worried about offending some special interest group. They don’t realize or won’t acknowledge how stupid special interest groups are. Obama reminds me of the innumerable common criminals I deal with in my daily work: they will lie straight to your face no matter what you ask if they think it will benefit them. Unfortunately, flash and image are enough to get elected, and the lack of substance is of no concern to the Hollywood set.


“We can get all lathering at the time over some political campaign promise, or some conference pledge, but if the thing just drags along long enough we forget what it was that was originally promised. The short memories of the American voter is what keeps our politicians in office.” ~Will Rogers~

I agree with your 11/8 blog. That is one of my favorite quotes. American voters haven’t changed. Sometimes I think Republicans are too scared to tell the American Voter bad things about the Dem/Libs. They want to stay PC and try to run on their own merit, which just allows their competiion to tear them apart. Americans need to be force fed what the incumbent has done wrong. And not just during the election process but full time.


Obama got what he paid for, what he paid for using our money-our taxes to pay for welfare, the entitlements etc. This is called buying votes, he is doing exactly what idiots like hugo chaves are doing, and we have idiots in this country that are ok, blind, too stupid, or maybe too coward to admit.

We also need to keep in mind the rest of the political establishment on both sides of the isle. They are interested in their reelection and not in the best interests of this country, in using the Constitution when it is conveneint for them and discarding it other wise. Many of the elected political leaders are cowards, leeches, conmen and conwomen. America needs to pull it’s head out of its posterior and get back to basics.

The media is also the enemy of America, yet we continue to pour money into it by watching all the crap they put on TV/movies.

My dad was an immigrant in the 60′s. He worked and paid his way through college, never got a handout. When i was a young kid I always heard him bitching about idiots like carter and lazy people that wanted handouts. I now know what he meant.

the “immigrants”comming into the US are people from the exact same masses overseas that get manipulated by the left ideology (venezuela, bolivia, ecuador). Our new welfare dependent population has become just like them. We are the modern supposedly civilized version of venezuela/hugo chaves. Be interesting to see what happens once the gravy train runs out. I guess russia and china will advice us on that.


Nail on the head Joe; My tweet from Wed morning goes along with your points: ‘most sobering part of Romney’s loss is not the loss, it’s the coming realization that so many Americans are willfully ignorant.’ I don’t know the % but it must be 35% or more that are AMAZINGLY clueless AND, they are happy living that way. The GOP has to play hardball-Romney entered a WMA Cage Match w one hand behind his back and a pillow for a glove on the other. Can’t recall the Repub from years ago-played a guitar, died of cancer but-he got nasty when he needed to. The GOP is made up of wimps and they don’t understand Marketing and Product Branding.


Your Comments I was floored this AM while watching the news. The story was about the demographics of voters who supported Obama and helped him win reelection. A “Latino” woman (latina) who represented some hispanic group, was claiming that the Republicans will have to change and promote immigration, welfare, a bigger government and free healthcare for hispanic women and their children. While she was making these claims in her heavy accent, I was wondering if she knew the source of funding for her demands and if she understood that America is a place of opportunity for those that are willing to work for a living, not an AMT machine for people tired of their home countries. If this attitude is as widespread as I suspect it is, Houston – we have a problem.



I totally agree with your excellently worded post! What I am afraid of is a future SPLIT in our country. The recent unrest following Sandy is a glimpse into our future. What would happen if we were hit with 2 natural disasters at the same time? Start watching “Doomsday Preppers” folks. I saw them a while back and thought they were nuts…..now? I’m not so sure. Someone said we are only 9 meals from anarchy.

i also think not reaching an agreement,or working with the tea party, tilted a lot of votes that would have gone to the republicans.having said that never underestimate the power of the sheeplers out there to be swayed by the left leaning media.

Right on target Joe. If you’re taking flak for your thoughts, you know you’ve found the drop zone.


joe, if we lose any supreme court justices (conservative) justices in next 4 years, then goodbye constitution, obama won’t have to use executive order anymore, and he will really be unleashed, president for life, no 2nd ammendment, or 4th ammendment, what little power we have, its our duty to keep pressure on him.


Your Comments
Great column. Conservatives have to do a better job of letting Hispanics see our values are the same. Also, we have to start today. Boots on the ground in those swing states let them see our actions. Actions speak louder than words. We need to become one big community.We let the lame stream media turn us into monsters.


Yup.. getting a lot of push back.. but, I feel confident I’m on to something.


I do not have a website. I hope that is not necessary to comment.
I do not know what to make of the results of this election. Perhaps it is just that simple. People are not informed and not very smart. Perhaps a 4th grade test before they can receive a voters registration. Not possible I am sure. Still there were two women voting the other night at the same poling place my daughter was voting and they spoke no English at all. They had to find someone to interpert the ballot for them. I thought you had to speak English to become a citizen? So how were they voting in the presidential election??? San Antonio, Texas


Joe, I’ve been reading your blog and comments for several months now. Mostly, I have agreed whole heartedly with you comments and views. We, as a Christian Nation, has let the Government take away those rights one whack at a time……..Until be stand up and start believing in God again, and trusting in him, We will not survive…….I don’t know if we will make it through the next 4 years……I do believe that our President is leading this country into bankruptcy on purpose….those that voted for his Lies will be well aware of this before his “Term” is up…if it’s ever up…..Thank you for what you do…….


In my opinion we have a big problem with social issues. From my constant research on this freaking subject, I’ve concluded: W are coming across as espousing limited government, but talking about legislating moralality to people. Give it to God!

It is my opinion that we should “lead with socially conservative principals”. personally, but not legislate them! Fiscal conservatism is within the scope of government, but not social/personal issues.

We HAVE to leave the social issues to God…. after all, he gave everyone free will and people will always fight you when you try to get them to live your way. We have no business talking about those issues the way we do. We can speak from a personal perspective, but we have to stop hinting at how we’d like to change the country morally using government. Lead by example. Too many people are now hedonists and are TURNED off big time as soon as you use “God” in the message.

I’m a staunch conservative and trying hard today to learn from this. God bless.


This post is about as straight forward as it gets. Perfect. I am a young republican and am ashamed of a good portion my generation. It hurts to see that they are sucked in to all of the lies and empty promises that have been given. The fact that they cannot see how far this country is falling scares me now and for the future. I really hope that the next four years opens their eyes to the realities of what they have done by allowing him to remain in office. When a large amount of our elders and our service men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country and now, our so called ‘freedom,’ are telling you not to vote Obama in again, one would think to listen? I am embarrassed for our country. Now there will be even more to clean up after the next four years of going downhill in order to get this country headed back in the right direction.


@Staying_Anonymous. Thank you. That was as well put as any. I am right there with you on every word you said!

Point the first: How smart were the folks that refused to believe polls and data that told them, pretty much, what would happen on Election Day. What part of ‘self delusion’ is a component of intelligence?

Point the second: I can refute most, if not all, of your “truths”. As you should have learned about indulging in an Alternate Reality leading up to the election, just saying something is “absolute” does not make it so.

Point the third: You guys threw out plenty of falsehoods of your own, let me display a salient one: that Obama’s wedding ring was inscribed with the Shahada. Demonstrably false, you might dodge that you did not say it was true, but you gave it plenty of attention, and you personally posted “seems legit”.

Perhaps it’s not good for ratings, but you might consider cultivating a little more Objectivity. In fact, strident right wing radio’s stock has dropped since the Sixth of November.


I agree – those lies should have been forcefully exposed for what they were by the campaign. I have heard women after the election talk about how ‘threatened’ they were by Romney concerning women’s issues. I couldn’t believe it but it tells me the left did a good job promoting these lies which of course were backed up by the mainstream media and late night talk show hosts – war on women. Honestly, I don’t think it would have been enough – too little, too late. Obama campaigned from the minute he was elected in 2008. Republicans need to start sooner – like right now for 2016.


Your second list was actually shorter than I expected… there’s so much to work with. You are dead on that Mr. Romney should have addressed the lies directly. I suspect that an effective approach would be to do it without surprise and anger (expect such things from the dems, they need to be chastised but without expectations of change), and with solid, forceful, hard but clear language.

As for reaching out to the Latin/Black/XYZ community – this is absolutely critical! The country’s demographics are changing. But it must be a two way effort: broadcast and define and redefine the universal conservative message, but also *listen* and *comprehend* and *develop* ideas in the modes and contexts where those voters reside. Just as in every hard-working disciplined man there exist vices, inside every slothful, lazy man exist virtues which can be cultivated. The message must resonate, but to get there the messages must be properly tuned, and that doesn’t happen with a one-way conversation.

And finally, I think the Rs missed promoting the obvious urgency of our situation that we hoped to address. As physicians say “all bleeding eventually stops”. There really is no reason even the most stalwart welfare enrollee can’t understand that some activities will kill the golden goose that is supplying the candy.

The truth is, Obama and the electorate have a bit of a love affair going with each other, but the hard truth is that Obama and his party are cheating on the people they are loving on, big time. There will come a day when the karma will come home; the conservatives will just have to be ready to gently let the electorate come home to sound and principled voting.



Start refuting. I stand by every verifiable fact I wrote. Don’t tell me what you “can” do — just do it. I’ll be waiting.



Thankfully, we did just “fix stupid,” for another 4 years at least.


Gas prices in 2008,as reported by Fox News in 2008. I don’t know where you live, but mine haven’t doubled.



Your first problem is, you’re pretending media matters is a journalistic resource. I’ll take Consumer Reports. Now, if you’re paying less than 3.72 a gallon.. buy as much as you can. http://news.consumerreports.org/cars/2009/01/average-gas-pricesjanuary-26-2009.html — fact is Hurricane Sandy has had an effect on the price.. But, as you can see (if you take your liberal blinders off) as of a couple of weeks ago the average price was double if not more. http://gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx

If you want to challenge what I’ve said, please try harder. Thanks



Romney should have been like Breitbart: hammer Obama with the facts over and over and over and over: truth, truth, truth, truth. Don’t back down! Tea Party style.

The Old Republican, Country Club, Gentleman style wasn’t/didn’t work. Michael Barone, Dick Morris the conservative pundits thought it was all wrapped up. Thus, the let down was tremendous.

No, we don’t need to lie, deceive, cheat, be in rehab and win an election abstentia (Jesse Jackson, Jr) while hiding in plain site from the Feds. We need to be bold, brave, and abrasive with the truth. In your face if we have to.

Be a Breitbart!


Your Comments
Joe you should run for office or at east run the campaign of a good Christian candidate for president. You call the facts as they are I don’t know why the candidates don’t listen to you..
America screwed up by electing this man again four previous years of watching our country be degraded and I guess he will try to finish it off the next four years as he continues to part and ignore our true allies.


try harder. It’s been more than double — and certainly was at the time of the debates — for years. Is this really what you think you have? You have been conned. And you seem proud of it. Congrats.

Must have something come up about Marco Rubio for him to not choose Marco. Must have.

Marco Rubio was the ONLY choice for running mate.


But, immigration was NOT the issue …. should NOT be the issue. No! We all, as well as Rubio, know the answer to immigration. That is done.

This issue was to HAMMER Obama on his FAILURES! Constantly! OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER! Reveal the truth about what his policies are doing to destroy this nation economically and security-wise.

Joe, we are so fortunate to find you via iHeart radio and have you on 859koa here in Colorado. I come home from teaching (high school: history) and listen to you to close my day at home. You, also, are on The Weekend! Bravo. My husband and I listen all the time. We pray you are healing well . God bless you and your family.


Your Comments: Joe, thanks for all you do. As an American of hispanic descent, I am grieved about the fact that there is such a great percentage of ignorant, lost, depraved, degenerated and debased Latino people in this nation. Not to mention all the rest of the population. Unfortunately, we have a culture which is, by our own doing, uncultured, or apathetic, allowing ourselves to be manipulated, and destroyed from within. I pray there will be a revival of the spirit of the founding fathers and that we have a chance to turn this ship around.


I just paid 3.42. Smells like BS in here.


Your Comments

How ironic. Someone complains about others being dumber but spells it “dummer.”


Who did that? Pags


You should try harder to read the replies I’ve taken the time to give you. Move on now. My column is on the mark. Pags


I will never run for office. My voice is unvarnished and unaffected by special interests where I am.

Great article. We have identified the problem. I am very fearful and unsettled, however. With the overwhelming growth of minorities (which will soon become the majority), legal and illegal, it will only become easier and easier for liberal idiots to assume positions of power in the USA. The only solution, as I see it, is for the stronger conservative states to unite and take a stand against the liberal regime. Ideally, it would include approximately twenty states, most likely with Mississippi leading the way. Hopefully, the liberals would give into the demands, but that most likely wouldn’t happen. It’s very sad a great country has to be torn apart. Unfortunately, we’ve gone too far. ‘Seems like this is the only solution.


Your Comments Good article.


We don’t need to “pander” to Hispanics. We need to start nominating them. Google “George P Bush” for someone who could not only gain Hispanics, but women as well. I think this guy has a very bright future, provided he’s not an idiot.


Pags…after I heard the rather shocking announcement that Obama had won this election on Tuesday, I turned off the TV and tried to go to bed in attempt to remove the nightmare from my mind. I had the same sickening feeling you get when someone really close to you dies, and needless to say, it wasn’t a restful night. I made myself listen to many of the commentaries the next few days and I would have to say yours seemed to ring true to me the most and I hope you can get your message spread to an even larger national population. I don’t see any other way to reach the voters that are out there today. Its correct in saying that you can no longer depend on the American voter to be fully informed and understand the issues. They will vote their feelings and won’t take the time to truly get to know who they are voting for. They will tune into the “boo boo rocky” show and listen to a political figure who happened to be a guest on the show for that day but won’t take the time to find out for him or herself what that candidate stands for. Truth doesn’t seem to matter, nor does getting your vote right for the sake of this country. That is what we learned from this election and that is in part why I’m so disheartened. The article written by Peter Lemiska this week, “An Eulogy for America” was also well put and said quote…
“This election suggests that the America of past generations is gone. The Obama supporters have forgotten, or never learned those values that made the country great, like hard work, personal responsibility, and selflessness. They have long ago forgotten the inspirational words of John F. Kennedy, Democratic leader from a bygone era, who called for some of that selflessness when he proclaimed, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”. That’s exactly what today’s voters are asking. They are inspired by promises of free contraceptives, free health care, and free education. In fact, they demand nothing less than cradle-to-tomb care guaranteed by the government, and funded by the taxpayer.
There was another world leader from Kennedy’s era who comes to mind. He said something not particularly inspirational, but just as memorable. In 1956, Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, predicted the demise of Capitalism and free enterprise, announcing to the West, “We will bury you.” Fifty six years later, his prediction has come to pass.” End Quote.

I would add, that there needs to be a movement to educate and reach out to the college age group on college campuses about conservatism and capitalism and remove the false idea that it represents or is composed of selfish, self centered greedy Americans but instead represents opportunity and freedom for all…and the idea of a limited government which will foster this. Maybe Glen Beck will take this one on! Thank you for all you do Mr. Pags and God Bless.

Okay, let’s go last first, shall we? You say they are absolutely true, right?

“Obama is the most vehement supporter of abortion we’ve ever had in the White House”

This is a dogmatic statement. How do you know Bill Clinton was not? Or Ronald Reagan, who signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act after which increased abortions from 518 legal abortions in California in 1967 to an average of 100,000 for the rest of his time in that office.

Additionally, the word “vehement” means violent. I do not recall any violent statements made by President Obama regarding abortion.

This assertion is your opinion, Joe, and not absolute. The rest of us are not bound by your opinion.

Consider yourself refuted. Shall I continue, or will you merely ignore the refutation and obviate the worth of any continued efforts?

The sad truth of everything, really, is how divisive we’ve become in America. I consider myself an independent, and for that reason, I broaden my news sources more than the average voter. (Note: Relying solely on MSNBC or Fox News isn’t going to make you any more informed than staring a wall). What I saw mostly in this election (and a building up to this fever pitch over the past two presidential election cycles), was a growing acceptance of disrespect and lack of willingness to cooperate with those with opposing viewpoints. So much, in fact, that when neither party has control of both the legislative and judicial branches, NOTHING gets accomplished. Is this really what our fore-fathers anticipated when writing the Constitution? Doubtful. It’s not unlike the kindergardeners I work with on a daily basis. They all come from different backgrounds and with different skills, and so they start to name-call and pout when they don’t get their way.

If this divide between Republicans and Democrats continue, I wouldn’t be surprised if our great country faces a future like “The Troubles” of Northern Ireland. (If you are too young to remember that or slept through that part of history class, I suggest you do some in-depth reading.)

So my response to this conversation is: GET OVER YOURSELVES, EVERYONE. I’m talking to both sides of the aisle. Regardless of what you think the best way to run this country is, you need to realize that the other side of the aisle also wants the best for everyone’s future. You just have different ideas of how to best execute that plan. So instead of bickering, how about you try to find some common ground, make some peace, take the best of both sides of the argument, and let’s make some progress here.


Look into Obama’s stance on babies that survive an attempted abortion when he was a state senator from Illinois. Then — use your Google machine and look up

ve·he·ment   [vee-uh-muhnt] Show IPA
zealous; ardent; impassioned: a vehement defense; vehement enthusiasm.
characterized by rancor or anger; violent: vehement hostility.
strongly emotional; intense or passionate: vehement desire.
marked by great energy or exertion; strenuous: vehement clapping.

It’s weird how the first definition is appropriate as to how I used it. Maybe you come from a place that ignores the first definition and goes directly to number 2.

A little research and you won’t come here with righteous indignation and show yourself to be so ignorant.


I’ll be tuning in tonight!! thanks agian Joe.


Spot on Joe, spot on! I found your website via another website (I don’t know if it’s proper to name another website on yours so I won’t just out of respect) and now I have your webpage bookmarked. Gonna start listening and read more often.

Joe, you still fail to establish that it is ABSOLUTELY true that President Obama is “most vehement supporter of abortion we’ve ever had in the White House”. A vote as one of many senators on a problematic bill does not demonstrate your point; we do not all have to agree, for example, with Paul Ryan that a zygote has full property rights as a born Citizen.

You have not proven that President Obama is more vehement in his support for abortion than Bill Clinton or even Ronald Reagan, who increased abortions as a state executive 200 fold by signing a bona fide abortion bill (titled as such!). In fact, if you check, President Obama mostly addresses the right for a woman to CHOSE whether to have an abortion OR NOT.

An ad hominem attack on me as ‘ignorant’ might make you feel better in your disappointment at losing a National Election so badly, but it does not make your claim any less dogmatic. I assure you I understand words on many levels of their denotation.

Your main problem is you belong to a Party that, when asked if their “Rape Guy” won election, has to ask “Which one?”


Listen, I get that you’re emboldened by the result of the election. I don’t blame you. I stand by every word in the column. All of the claims listed were, in fact, put out there by the Ds if not Obama himself. They’re all unmitigated lies. The list of what he’s actually done is also above reproach. I’m glad you read the column. I’m glad to charged you up enough to comment. Time to move on now.


p.s. I wasn’t running– therefore, I didn’t lose an election. And, I’m a conservative and not a Republican. One’s a way of life, the other is a political party. Take care


p.s. Your second response proves even more VEHEMENTLY that you’re ignorant. Take care.

Well, I understand why you would want to disassociate yourself from the Republicans. But I have yet to see you prove that President Obama is more vehement on abortion than ANY OTHER President.


Listen, Sparky — you didn’t even know the definition of “vehement.” Again — I appreciate your time. I stand by EVERY WORD.

Take care,


Rooster crows for the third time: will you prove that Obama is THE MOST vehement President on abortion?

The Majority spoke in a democratic republic and your side (the precedent for lumping you with the Republicans was established by you, ya dig?) came up short, and something in you wants to question the prevailing side’s ‘smarts’. It’s a churlish response.

Book for you, from a bona fide conservative, and speech writer for W Bush, David Frum: Why Romney Lost.
E-book form. Might make a good guest?


That is nothing but lame ass excuses from the party of “Personal Responsibility”.

ALL LIES. First Pags said it was from Obama then backtracked and said it was from either Obama or from Dems. Make up your mind Pags, stop whining. You are going to make a fortune the next years flapping your mouth and whining about Obama.


I see posting just on the 950 facebook isn’t enough since you’ve been banned from my page for lying. Travis, I stand by every word. Because it’s all true.


Your CommentsWell said!


You’ve got that right. It’s not just that obama won, which is bad enough, but the flat stupid comments I hear in the office about why people voted for him are depressing. I already knew I work with a bunch of stupid people, just by the way the company operates, but I didn’t know the depth of it.

Face it, being smart is an “unfair advantage” now.


Some of us have been watching Republican party leadership with great mistrust since the publishing of PNAC in 1997. We know that deeply influential Republicans like Grover Norquist (author of the pledge not to raise taxes signed by so many Republicans congressmen) makes it clear that all the party wants for a presidential or congresional candidate is someone “who can sign his name”. You might consider these to be small items, Others of us do not. We marked our votes on much deeper issues than those mentioned in the Republican campaign.

Should you mistakenly and ignorantly assume that I’m someone who votes for “stuff”, be assured that I am the owner of a successful small business so “stuff” has nothing to do with my decision. I’m quite able to buy my own “stuff”.


Do you think this makes sense? I don’t. You want an R candidate to want to raise taxes?



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