The Attempted Assassination of Ted Nugent

Ut oh.  Should I change that title?  Am I really suggesting someone tried to assassinate the Motor City Madman?  Surely, some liberal will fake outrage and call me a violent person who’s “beyond the pale.”  What’s interesting is how the liberal political and media machinery is in full swing insisting everything a conservative says is and has to be literal.  Of course, that’s ridiculous.  It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy how I shoot holes in that theory.  In fact, I’ll shred it.  I’ll pick it up, smack it around, throw it against the wall, wad it up in a nice little ball and throw it in the garbage.  Now, I wonder if I’ll really do all that — or just expose the stupidity of the ultra-left in this country whose faux outrage isn’t fooling anyone.

Ted Nugent is no stranger to controversy.  He’s known for saying he doesn’t want to press 1 for English.  ”If you can’t speak English, get out of the country,” he’s said to the ire of groups like LULAC (League  of United Latin American Citizens).  This while his bass player was Hispanic.  He didn’t serve in the military while shamelessly giving of himself and his stardom to perform with little fanfare or media coverage for wounded men and women in uniform.  He’s been named the Father of the Year, has been a member of law enforcement for years — paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr after he was killed — looks to many musicians as his mentors — including plenty who are Black.  And, he offers free hunts to sick and terminally ill children.  Those on the attack either choose to ignore these facts or know about them and discard them in the hope those they’re preaching to will never find out.

A couple of weeks ago Hillary Rosen, a friend of this president and administration (she visited the White House 35 times since Obama took office — although Jay Carney says he knows three Hillary Rosens so he’s not sure which one caused the outrage) was on CNN and said, “Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life.”  That was a major problem among women — whom the libs had been been pandering to for months with lie after lie.  You know, things like – Republicans don’t want women to have access to birth control or healthcare or food, air and water.  It was all bunk but it seemed as though it had been resonating with some women — until the Rosen debacle.  What the libs needed to bury that with was a conservative whipping boy.  They think they found that with Ted Nugent.  Here’s what the libs honed in on — quotes he made at an NRA  gathering in St. Louis the weekend of the 14th of April:

     “Our government is wiping it’s a– with the Constitution,”

     “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year,”

     “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November! Any questions?”

     “It isn’t the enemy that ruined America. It’s good people who bent over and let the enemy in. If the coyote’s in your living room pissing on your couch, it’s not the coyote’s fault. It’s your fault for not shooting him.”

It’s clear to a three year old just starting to learn the language that the 30 million album selling guitar player and singer didn’t really expect we’d ride into Washington, D.C. to actually cut off people’s heads.  Somehow DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (By the way, although the media refuses to acknowledge this fact, this is the same US Rep Debbie Wasserman-Shultz who fought hard against the parents wishes for Congress to help them save their daughter Terri Schiavo some years back) deduced that what Nugent said was “vile and beyond the pale,” and soon thereafter, there was a meeting scheduled between the Secret Service and the rocker.  That happens when there’s a concern someone is threatening the president’s life.  Clearly, that never happened here if you understand English and figurative speech versus the literal.  Is this just an opportunity to jump on some figurative speech of a pro-gun, pro-constitution NRA board of directors/Rock Star?  Or, is there more.  I have it from a very good source that Ted Nugent was charged with breaking an Alaskan hunting law ONE DAY AFTER he endorsed Mitt Romney.  Is it starting to make sense to you now?  Oh, when did this hunting trip and violation happen?  2009.  So what took so long?  You tell me.

Nugent was hunting in the far-north state and grazed a bear.  He then killed another bear and that was a violation of law.  Turns out there is a law there that you can only wound or kill one bear per year there.  According to Nugent, it’s a law that was recently added and most people in that state don’t even know about it.  Further, he put the shooting and the trip on his television show.  Why would he do that, if he knew he broke the law?  He wouldn’t.  This was yet another part of the concerted assassination attempt of Ted Nugent.

Did it end there?  Nope.  On the heels of the NRA quotes and the pretend-liberal outrage, Fort Knox posted this on its Facebook page:

**For those concerned with Ted Nugent’s appearance on Fort Knox.** DATE: April 19, 2012
Fort Knox Summer Concert Lineup Changes

Fort Knox, Ky. – The artist lineup for the Fort Knox annual summer concert scheduled for June 23 changed today.  Co-headliners REO Speedwagon and Styx remain scheduled to perform. However, after learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Fort Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance on the installation.  Army Entertainment and the Fort Knox Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation remain committed to carrying out the June 23 concert, and the possibility exists that a replacement will be selected.
Those requesting a refund on their purchased tickets must do so by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-653-8000 or the Fort Knox Information, Ticketing and Registration Office at (502) 624-5030 by May 31.

I do a show Monday – Friday in San Antonio, Texas.  It’s known as “Military City, USA.”  Many who’ve called me on this move by Fort Knox are unhappy with this knee-jerk reaction by the military installation because of the made-up shock by the left-wing establishment.

Did the accomplish what they set out to do?  Yes and no.  Nobody’s talking about Hillary Rosen’s attack on stay-at-home moms anymore.  That’s a yes.  Mitt Romney’s campaign separated itself from Nugent’s comments.  That’s a yes.  But, the no is — they chose the wrong guy to pick on.  I’ve known Ted for 12-13 years now and I’ve seen him go through many a controversy. What usually happens is Ted ends up on top.  His concerts continue to draw large crowds, his TV shows continue to draw a large viewership and he continues to live the American Dream through the freedoms and liberties protected for us all by the US Constitution.  Mark my words; Obama, Wasserman-Shultz and the lib establishment will move on in short order when they realize their attacks fall by the wayside and will be quickly forgotten.





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28 Responses

I really adore Ted Nugent. He has always said and done what most of Americans want to say and do but don’t because they need a set as big as Teds, if you catch my drift. Good for him and I may not be as bold to use some terms he does but I’m behind him 100%..thank you for this article.

Hey Joe, Thank you for keeping us inf.Listen Joe I moved to Dallas from san antonio,I cant find your station here and that sucks.! I will miss your shows.Keep up the good work your awesome Buddy.Godbless you all. Art B. PS,but every chance I get I will hear your Show..[ Living a Dream Joe ].


The cutting off of the heads comment can easily be dismissed as ridiculous hyperbole. The coyote comment is also vague enough to be dismissed as a not very funny metaphor. The “I’ll either be dead or in jail” comment is more troublesome and sounds like a direct threat. I am aware that many of your listeners do not accept this President as legitimate, but he is and it is against federal law to threaten the President of the United States.

Your Comments
Ted is underfire for the reasons that were stated I hope he has the funding to survive most of us dont and would be dead or rot in their FEMA jail. We the people are in serious trouble and our lives and way of life are in danger of death. I fear the sighns that I see in our country for along time now Obama is the accelerant in a fire that may overwhelm our nation.


Dumb. You said absolutely nothing to make your case. What a waste. Funny how Free Speech is so protected when the Nuge incites his followers to take violent action and there is so much outrage at a military base who shows respect for their commander in chief by not paying someone to come perform for their men who wants their superior officer dead (sarcasm or not, he stands behind his statement), but when someone like Natalie Maynes (sp?) of the Dixie Chicks says something as trivial as she is embarrassed of her president, the company who signs YOUR paychecks has her systematically quieted by removing her music from the airwaves.
Simply put, the Nuge had every right to say what he did, as did Natalie, as did Hilary Rosen, as did Bill Maher, as does Hannity, As Does Berry, as does Rush, as does the “liberal media” and as do you. It’s called Freedom of Speech and when the Army made a political “statement” by refusing to pay someone to insult their commander in chief, they too had every right to do so. Because ultimately, whether we like it or not, he was elected to that office and with that title comes the additional title of being the superior officer of those in the military.
Regardless of what any of us think of the horrible job the president has done we should protect our freedoms like our lives depend on them and yes, that includes the Army’s freedom to operate as they see fit, Clear Channel’s Freedom to not play music by someone who they feel insulted George Bush, and your freedom to ineffectively use hyperbole and innuendo.
And lastly, the Nuge does not have a Huge Following, he was the Opening Act for Styx and REO Speedwagon, both of which have mostly new members, which says a whole lot in and of itself. His last headline show in Houston was at a nightclub. He uses statements like this to help boost his popularity when ticket sales are down. You wanna talk about coincidence, how about the coincidence that these statements all happen right at the beginning of a tour which has been reportedly bombing in ticket sales? Then again, that’s just an opinion, based on reported facts.
Thank God they moved Berry to morning drive time. Thank God.


Yeah.. if I weren’t on the air, I’d prolly listen to Michael too. hehe


I see nothing in that statement that’s threatening. He’s explained he meant he couldn’t take it — or his rights would be stripped and he’d be jailed for following the Constitution. Either way.. there is NOTHING in that sentence that alleges a threat.


“It’s called Freedom of Speech and when the Army made a political “statement” by refusing to pay someone to insult their commander in chief, they too had every right to do so.”
Maybe if the Army is a private business, but it is a government entity, which is prohibited by the First Amendment from infringing a private citizen’s free exercise thereof. Nuge was determined by Secret Service not to have made a threat. He made no insult to POTUS. He referred to himself, not POTUS. Perceived insults are in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you should ask Nuge what he meant. I can think of several non-insulting interpretations.

All of us use figurative speech when we say things like, “You idoit, I’m gonna shoot you!” or “I’m gonna blow my brains out!”. You know almost all of us have done this at one time or another. I know Ted Nugent’s comments were figurative and so does everyone else. The fact is, if Ted Nugent wanted the president dead, it would have already happened. These liberals need to grow up and get a real life. None of us want them dead, we just want them to go away and leave us alone.


“We are patriots. We are Braveheart,” Nugent said. “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November. Any questions?”

Ted was using the Coyote as a metaphor for Obama’s re-election as a way to say that if he is re-elected those on the right should revolt (in the same way the Braveheart comments above were used), and thereby start the potential civil war that has been brewing in this country for decades. It is a call to violence regardless of how whether or not it was veiled in sarcasm and “dumb redneck wit” as one certain talk show host referred to it. By the same token, his statement about being dead or in jail was an obvious way of stating that if America was too dumb to get the dictator out, maybe Nuge would do it himself.
Call it what you want, but if the same words were spoken by someone on the left about a republican leader the right would be in an uproar.

But, that’s exactly why we have this thing called Freedom of Speech. We are free to say what we will, but when we do, we should be prepared to accept the consequences of our words, because not everyone will agree with us and in many cases people from both sides will be highly offended, but hey, it provided for good radio ratings the last few days and thats really what it’s all about.


I sincerely believe that this administration`s goal is to silence all free speech it does not agree with. Given the “Fairness Doctrine” efforts, the failure of left wing talk radio, the absolute loss of the center within the democratic party and all of the other nonsense that the extreme left offers the country I now believe that the radicals of the 60s who now occupy the gov`t are taking their last gasp. If we keep pushing forward and drawing attention to each of these issues it will be out of “vogue” to vote for Obama within the mainstream, as who could defend the guy`s record. Only racists and those who don`t contribute will defend him. I think the new black panther party issues are pretty straight forward here. Why won`t they come down here and try and intimidate and offer bounties? Because no one will challenge them in liberal land. Whole lotta feathers and not much chicken.


The libs tried the same thing with Rush Limbaugh. However, it didn’t work, cuz he’s still standing and is just as popular as ever. He may have lost a couple of sponsors over it, but he simply found others. So the crazy libs accomplished NOTHING. And I have a feeling it will be the same way with Nugent. Just like Rush, Nugent has been around for a long time and have accumulated millions of followers that will, no doubt, ever leave them. That’s what the libs will NEVER understand about Ted’s fans.


To: J.B. Natalie Maines admonition of our President, on the eve of the Iraq invasion in a foreign Country, is comparable to Jane Fonda’s rants from Vietman in a time of war … not Ted Nugent’s campaign blustering. Natalie and Jane both exercised their “Free Speech” rights on foreign soil in wartime and they’re both still alive and free … how lucky for them they are American citizens. Ted Nugent was attacked in a punitive way … the cancellation of his show and the Bear hunt infraction have “Chicago Politics” and the whiney baby Obama’s fingerprints all over it.


Your Comments People on the left are afraid of true American culture and beliefs. Ted says just what is on his mind and he is usually right. I saw nothing that he said that threatened the Pres ( lame ass commie ). Leftie jerks quit being so thin skinned. If it was 1950 you would be sitting in jail for declaring war on our constitution, so stop your whining.


Free speech is just that Free… Of course with it comes responsibility… Did Ted say anything as a direct call to action – no… Did Ted incite any directive of emotion into the crowd so they act… nope…

Can the same be said from the people on the Left or Progressive Democrats – who said so much about the evils of the tea party crowd but supported the criminals camping out occupying a Park illegally. I believe I congress woman wished to tea party a trip to hell… did she mean a call to action to make the tea party members dead???

Trevon – yess there it is – real calls to action… real threats… real danger… and real violence happening against white people – just not reported in the main stream…

Its time we all decide to stand up and say enough – student loans as Obamaganda – 1 trillion dollars that will fail – Progressives want loan for giveness — I want loans given out better – not to fly by night scam Universities that exist from Student loan money – where too few earn a degree and most drop out….

What does all this have to do with Ted??? His message was enough – if it happens again – life aint worth it – we can’t change it – the machine has taken control… all we can do is get out of the way… Sadly it might be too late… We might not be able to stop this craziness… but we can fit it locally… county wide.. state wide and if not Federally maybe regionally and cut off that arm that offends us – let it die while we recuperate best we can – so our kids still have a chance at this Opportunity of America – Divided we may fall – but our side sure is gonna get up fast… as for theirs… Good Luck – progress on that ;-}


You liberals who made comments attempting to “know what Ted meant” are just idiots. He did not call for violence. Cut their heads off? He meant we need a concerted effort to get every conservative we can to vote in November so Obama suffers a landslide loss. Coyote? Ok here’s another analogy that maybe you can understand better. Joe cannot get upset about your asinine comments because he doesn’t require an intelligence test to make a post. Dead our in kayo? If Obama gets elected, many believe he will try to take funds away from law abiding citizens. If this happens, Ted could be killed by some criminal who has an illegal gun if he follows the law. Or…he could end up in jail for keeping guns to defend himself and his family. This was, after all, a NRA event. All conversations revolve around the sanctity of the second amendment.


Your Comments Pags, you rock. As a retired military man I think it was a sin that the Ft Knox concert was terminated… for Ted that is. The SOLDIERS were not happy and some General officer had to “follow orders”. Once again, the Prez will apply his touch on things if he feels “attacked” in any way, shape or form. What a fool… is it November yet?


The Army did not “infringe upon his right to free speech”. They chose not to employ him because they disagreed with his methods. That is their right. Whether you agree with it or not, the US Government is a Business, and the army simply a branch of that business. I own a business and have every right in the world to choose who I will or will not employ. Nugent was hired as an independent contractor to work for a branch of the government as entertainment for an event. He was released based on statements that he made regarding the Current CEO of that business.
If you disagree with the Army’s right to let him go based upon his statements, you open the door to the argument that business owners should be told who we can and cannot employ regardless of their behavior. I personally have no desire to live in a world where my ability to operate my business can be impeded by an outside entity controlling when I can and cannot terminate an employee who has made a public statement against my CEO.
As for Natalie Maines, please show me where in the constitution it states that her freedom of speech as an American citizen was terminated the moment she left American soil. That being said, that was at the beginning of one war, we are currently engaged in more than 5 wars right now in which Obama, whether we like it or not, remains the commander in chief of our military, so based on that argument with regards to Jane Fonda and Natalie Maines, is Nugents statement 5 times worse? Of course not. Freedom of speech is not fenced in by circumstantial guidelines, we either have it or we don’t.
As I stated, Nugent had every right to say what he did, the army had every right to do what they did and that’s it, plain and simple.


I love how the “We are a nation of laws” party always pleads ignorance to the law when they get caught breaking it, then spend the next week whining about how unfair life is to them. Its almost as bad as Pags whining about getting speeding tickets in his Vette. Ted Nugent is an ADMITTED child molestor, draft dodger and dead beat dad. These facts are IRREFUTABLE.

If Ted don’t know the laws of hunting, maybe he shouldnt be hunting in the first place instead of having Pags whine about how unfair the law is to Nugent. Its always a conspiracy when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, but the facts remain: Nugent broke the law. If you can’t do the time, dont do the crime!!

Hillary Rosen made a dumb, one sentence statement. Ted threatens the President and breaks the law and Pags wants to start whining about unfair life is for Ted. What a crock.

Only an idiotic hack writer would dream up such junk.

People will take you seriously Joe when you stop coddling child molestors, draft dodgers and dead beat dads as heroes.

Assassination attempt of Ted Nugent?? LMAO!! Get real Pags, I know you desperately need new material for your show but those of us that are grown ups should know better.


Your Comments Nailed it Joe as usual. Seems you managed to ruffle the feathers of a troll too. Good job. Uncle Ted is a great American. He has the balls to call a spade a spade and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks about it. We can use a dozen more like him. Keep punching Joe. The “Posse” is with you.


Brother, this is the essence: Know yourself, know your enemy. Know the battlefield. Ted understands this and that is why he is a frequent target of the enemy.

We are fighting an ideology that has at its core its own expansion at the cost of everything else, particularily freedom (you already know this). The enemy of the United States is everything that is not in concert with the original intent of the founders. If they are not adherents to the founders then they are against America, regardless of what they say; this is how you will know them. Because America is the ‘crowning acheivement of the Age of Enlightenment’ the search for ultimate truth, any other system or idea is the lesser, with only one exception, that being governance of the world by Christ Himself, the author of true justice.

The Battlefield: Convergence is taking place all over the world, in every nation and every sect. The alignment is with one of two basic ideas, that of true light and that of true darkness.

Light is, at its core, integrity in all things which begats rightousness of intent in thought, word and deed; it does not mean the people of light do not make mistakes, it means they have at their core an honesty that is well intentioned and follows the two great commandments.

Darkness is, at its core, anything that is not light. You know it by its own admission and by its fruits, the intent is control and the reduction of freedom, and bondage. It uses the political system for its own ends and divides and creates factions by purpose. The people of darkness, some who do not know they are, hate the light, they deny it, they rail against it, they assault it adherents, they walk on the freedoms of others and create division, strife and emotional violence.

The great masses of people in the world are coalescing around one or the other, light or darkness. Many groups with different views have one thing in common, they hate the light and will join forces with others to defeat it – some do not know they are siding with the darkness and these are the ones we can reach and bring to the light. The others are lost souls and can only be retreived by divine intervention.

Conservatism must be debated but socialism in all its forms must be rejected and destroyed. Darkness will morph into different forms, social, political, belief systems and world views but will always come back to control and bondage; it is selfish, self-righteous, rude, vengeful, and will not accomodate others. It will lie, cheat and steal in order to pursue its goals. Socialism, progressivism, communism, are all a part of the axis of darkness. They must be crushed with extreme prejudice.


Hey Joe,

First thanks a million for being a warrior for freedom and truth! Metaphors there if there are any SS guys watching… I’m the guy you let talk just after Ted last Tuesday. I don’t live in San Antone but I drive thru there at least twice a week and I’m always tuned in to you when you’re on. In fact I texted Ted when I first heard you mention the issue last Tuesday. Not sure if he or you had already talked, but I made sure he knew you were standing with him for truth on the San Antone airwaves. He’s got a good salute to you on his website right now. God bless and God speed my friend!


What’s the matter Pags? You deleted my comment, you liar. Free speech??? Certainly not here


Your Comments

Hey, Michael R If you think this president is legitimate, you better check the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s definition of a Natural born citizen. You’ll see Obama is just as illegal as the Mexicans coming across our southern border.


Deleted no comments, dufus.



I stand by every word.. because that’s what happened.



@ J.B. – be prepared to back up your statements because you are TOTALLY wrong. You stated that if the left made such statements about a Republican president, the right would be in an uproar. So far the right has made a few comments, no music videos or songs advocating violence as rushing te white house or killing the president. During Bush’s presidency Eminem made a video making fun of Bush and storming the White House and encouraged violence to the Bush administration. The Beastie boys spoke ill of Bush in a song that was sold by iTunes and performed on their tour. Then after Bush’s presidency another music group put out a video of their song shoeing them bashing in Bush’s face and them killing him. In addition, some ghetto rapper spoke lines in his song stating he was going to kill Bush.

Have I made my point yet?

Funny thing is, te secret service didn’t talk to any of these liberal idiots, and the White House never tried to intimidate these guys. You know why, because Bush has more class in one pinky than Obama in his whole staff. I guess him being a southern gentlemen didn’t win him points with liberals who made fun of him, but that only proves how ignorant most of these supposed well educated liberals are.

- Monika


My spellcheck on my phone missed some typos, but the message is still clear. The mainstream media is very bias and usually does not cover stories that depict liberals attacking conservatives both physically and verbally. The newest in a line of several are the physical assaults on white people by blacks as a backlash to Trayvon, regardless of the fact that their alleged attacker is hispanic, NOT white….

And by the way, despite the ridiculous comment a supposed senior official at the State Department made about the War on Terror being over, as a State Department employee myself I can assure you the war on terror is not over nor has it slowed. Terrorist attempts on US political officials are always continuing all over the world. The greatest fear right now is to be Christian, Jeswish, or American in the middle east. Muslims all over the world are looking for ways to destroy anything that goes against their beliefs. Even in America Christianity is in danger. Officials at the State Department are catering to Muslims and letting them trample all over our rights. Muslims here do not want to assimilate like other cultures, instead they want to conquer and change laws to have the US assimilated to them. I am truly scared for our country. In an age of technology, financially it is like the 30′s Great Depression and the government is prohibiting manufacturing, our greatest hope of recovery. The green laws and unions either drive businesses away or bankrupt them. I came as an immigrant who was proud to be American. The 80′s here gave my family hope and Reagan gave us a chance. Obama is killing our Made In The USA motto with his rules and regulations. I left communism for a reason and I’ll be damned if I let Barry Hussein Obama make the United States another Communist or Socialist country. I remember waiting in line with my grandma to buy food, but you were only allowed to purchase how ever of each food that the government gave you a stamp for. Simple needs like milk, meat, and butter were rationed. There was a fear of speaking ip against the government for fear of arrest. My grandfather before my time was arrested for owning his own business. Medical care was awful. I remember my aunt stopping the car halfway down the road when a mother was looking for someone to take her and her son to the hospital as a dog bit his face so bad his lips needed to be stitched back on. Cars were expensive and apparently ambulances were scarce. In fact, one thing that amazed me about the US is how quick medical care comes and how abundant it is. Have you ever waited months in line for a doctor or procedure? No, probably not unless you were not born in the US. So for all those that complain about private healthcare and Capitalism, try living under Communism and then speak! I think that would shut up a lot of people. You have no idea what Obama is doing or trying to do to this country unless you have seen and experienced it first hand. I pitty the idiots who have no idea what Socialism or Communism is! If you look up the Communist Manifesto you can actually see that Obama took direct phrases from the Manifesto and placed them in his speeches. What do you think spreading the wealth is? PEOPLE WAKE UP!

Alright I’m done. Maybe I’ve gotten through to a sheep in the herd, though I doubt it.

…and there is NOTHING cool about Obama.

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