You Are Not Required To Work At Walmart

Other than during the times in this nation that the draft was enforced, I have never heard of anyone knocking on the doors of where Americans lived, grabbing them when they answered the door, and forcing them to go to work at a certain employer.  The union/entitlement mentality in this country will be the end [...]

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The Changing Definition of the American Dream

My grandfather and his brothers came to America as teens and young men.  They came here from Italy on a boat.  It was  long trip but necessary to reach for something unattainable in their native land.  They, like millions more before and after them, had heard of a land of abundant freedoms, liberties and opportunities. [...]

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The Biggest Mistake This Campaign? Republicans Assumed Voters Were Smart

Let’s face facts.  Democrats gained in the House of Representatives, the Senate and the chief Democrat in charge was re-elected after one of the worst four year periods in American history, economically and constitutionally.  How does that happen?  Republicans/Conservatives (which are not necessarily interchangeable terms — but, we’ll lump them together for the sake of this column) [...]

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Great Campaigner, Horrible Leader

One of the greatest things a person can do is identify what he or she is really good at; what he or she has God-given talents for and then pursue them.  I feel president Barack Obama has found just that.  He is a great confidence man — a con man.  We, the American People, thought [...]

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Mitt Romney’s Best Weapon Against Obama in This Election Is Obama

The campaign for President of the United States has gone exactly as expected.  A couple of things were clear: President Barack Obama would not even consider running on his record, instead he would just attack Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch rich guy who’s a tax cheat and business-destroying job killer, and Mitt Romney would go [...]

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More Mixed Messages From A President of Foreign Appeasement

I still don’t fully understand the function of the United Nations.  The body, in theory, made great sense.  Let’s get together and talk — even very harshly — about the needs and concerns of the countries around the world instead of taking up arms and killing each other.  I get it.  Smart.  But, in practice, [...]

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EVERY Month Is American History Month!

Remember when we were kids?  There was Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day?  I remember saying, “Mom/Dad — why is there Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day but, no Kids’ Day?”  The answer invariably was, “because every day is Kids’ Day.”  With that I’d usually shrug my shoulders, grab a snack and go play.  Now that I’m [...]

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It’s Time To Shut Off the Traditional Media

Last week, on the anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/2001, four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya, were attacked and killed.  As this was happening, there was an uprising outside the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt.  While most other media around the world is reporting the US government was warned by Egyptian intelligence a [...]

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How Exactly Is Obama Looking Out For You And Me?

  Recently, Jay Leno had Dennis Miller on to talk about stuff — and the conversation went to the impending election.  Leno is a fan of Obama and doesn’t hide that — although, to his credit, he still jokes about him.  Most of the jokes about the current administration are aimed at Biden but, Obama [...]

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On Entitlements? You Should Be Embarrassed

A new report out by US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) shows over 110 million people in the United States today are receiving some sort of handout from the government (http://www.theblaze.com/stories/this-chart-showing-welfare-dependency-will-ruin-your-day/).  That astronomical number does not include Social Security nor Medicare.  You’ll notice I didn’t say, “110 million Americans.”  Many who are receiving the handouts are not [...]

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