A Talk Show Host On AM I Am — An Homage

A Talk Show Host I Am

A talk show host on AM I am
My job to entertain haters and fans
I get calls from johns jims and teddys –
Jenns jeans and bettys to tell me how right or wrong I am.
I talk Obama, your mama, golden hearts even farts
I do topics and issues so deep you’ll need tissues
Nothings off limits at all is my plan.
Will I speak of my prostate exam? After all a talk show host on AM I am.
I talk sports
Uncomfortable shorts
Basketball courts and political cohorts..
Food, a bad mood, the price of crude and I’ll even get rude…
with plenty of ‘tude.
But, at the end of the show I’m one lucky man. Proud to have so many great fans. For, a talk show host on AM I am.

An Homage to Dr. Seuss —

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